15+ brilliant ideas for using your wall tapestry

mandala tapestry


In this, you can hang it up on your bedroom or a dorm or a living wall. This you can do by using the velcro stick-on and some hooks or pushpin. You can stick them up to the wall and then pierce the pushpin on the tapestry that is having Mandala Art. This will be the most common way but also the coolest way of using a tapestry. 

15+ ideas:

Hanging on the ceiling

Hanging your tapestry above your bed can give a more bohemian feeling. This you can do by sticking all the four sides of the tapestry to the false ceiling with help of stick-ons and hooks and this can be more easy if you have built-in loops around your tapestry. 

Wedding decorations 

If you are planning for a wedding, then you do not need to worry about the material that you require for outdoor and indoor decorations. The most part of it can be done by tapestries that are of a variety of designs. This will make a great piece of decoration for bohemian weddings. 

Classy Mandala Bags

Take a white sheet and turn it into a beautiful bag and then using the sketches draw some beautiful Mandala arts on the bag. This can be carried to traditional occasions, festivities etc. 

Big Mandala Cushions

Take a regular tapestry and stitch the sheet into a cushion cover. Then take cardboard and insert it inside the cushion so that the paint does not stick to the other side of the cushion. Then using some amazing acrylic paints, you can paint on the cushion for the best cushion decorations. 

Hang it on an angle

Hanging a tapestry behind the bed or a table is the most common type of position that a tapestry is used. But have you ever wondered what a tapestry hanging at an angle would look like? Take a tapestry that is having some nice design, then using the adhesive strips and hooks you can stick them one on the ceiling and the other on the bottom of the wall. This will make a perfect hanging of a tapestry at a perfect angle.

Bedspread and many more

Are you bored of using a bed sheet that is in a normal style? Then you can use a nice Mandala Art tapestry as your bedspread as well. You just need to select those tapestry that suits your bedroom color so that it perfectly blends with the ambiance. Or you can use the same tapestry for a picnic spot that can be more easy for traveling. Or you can simply use it as a rug or a meditation mat at some perfect place in your room.

Tapestry as a sitting place

You can use a tapestry as the sitting place too, and for this you just need to make the tapestry that is draped around a round shaped pipe and hang it along the room. This can be a nice place for you to invite your friends and show the things that you wanted to them. 

Ethnic Sarongs 

If you hit the beach, you can also use the tapestry that is of regular size as an ethnic sarong that will look more cool and cozy. Apart from this, you can also use the tapestry in a beach like a beach shack spread. 

Build a tent around your bed

This is the unique style of changing your room mood. You can completely change the room by just covering an entire space of the bed with the tapestry all around in the form of a tent. For this you can use three to four tapestries of the same size and then wrap them around the bed. And at last, do not forget to add fairy lights around the tent,which will give a more interesting view of the place. 

Tapestry as Couch cover

If you are worried about buying a new cover, then you must wait! Because if you have an extra tapestry in your home, then you can just try using that tapestry as the Couch cover and this will be a very good substitute for the boarung market Couch covers. 

A curtain

For this, you need a tapestry, curtain rod according to the size of the window, and some curtain rod rings. So with the help of rings, you can clip them to the tapestry and then just need to insert those rings into the rod and put that on the window portion. 

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