5 Best 420 Memes To Celebrate MarijuanaDay

5 Best 420 Memes To Celebrate MarijuanaDay

Since the early 2010s, “memes” have become an increasingly popular way to communicate online. A meme is often defined as an idea, behavior, or style transmitted from one person to another within a culture.

One of the most popular topics for memes is marijuana. 420 is a code term used to refer to cannabis or marijuana. The term originates from the time of day, 4:20 pm, when many people smoke cannabis. While the term 420 was initially used amongst smokers, it has become a popular meme format. People use the code word to ask others if they want to smoke cannabis or to celebrate the plant. The 420 memes are a way to celebrate marijuana culture and show support for the legalization of cannabis.

April 20th is known as “Weed Day” or “Marijuana Day,” It has become a popular day for people to share weed memes. This article compiled a list of the best weed memes to help you celebrate Marijuana Day. From stoner classics to new and original memes, there’s something here for everyone. Take a seat back, relax, and enjoy the show.

1.  “What Day Is It?”

What day is it? It is a popular meme format that features a person asking another person what day it is, usually humorously or absurdly. The format gained popularity in early 2020 and has been used in various memes.

The weed memes are a subcategory of What day is it? Memes that feature the number 420, which is associated with cannabis culture. These memes joke about marijuana use or refer to weed-themed events such as 4/20.

2.  “Time To Get High”

“Time to get high” 420 memes are internet memes that joke about getting high on weed. This Meme usually depicts an image of a person or an animal with captions that suggest they are about to get high.

While “Time to get high” buzzwords are mostly just for fun, they can also be used to promote marijuana’s health benefits. For example, some memes might argue that marijuana can be used to relieve pain or help people relax. Whatever their purpose, these memes will make you laugh – and maybe even think a little bit about the positives of cannabis use.

3.  “Smoke Weed Every Day”

“Smoke weed every day” is a famous catchphrase often used in conjunction with pictures of people smoking marijuana. The phrase is often used as a way to promote the use of marijuana, especially on social media. While the phrase is often used humorously, it can also be used thoughtfully to advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

4.  “I Don’t Always Smoke Weed, But When I Do…”

The “I don’t always smoke weed, but when I do…” is a popular meme that is often used to promote the use of marijuana. The Meme typically features a picture of a person smoking a joint, with the text overlayed that says, “I don’t always smoke weed, but when I do… I get really high.” The Meme’s origin is unknown, but it has been used extensively on the internet, particularly on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

5.  “4/20 Is My Favorite Holiday”

The “4/20 is my favorite holiday” is a way for people to portray their love for cannabis culture. It is also a way to poke fun at the holiday and its associations with drug use. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, this Meme is a fun way to show your support for cannabis culture. This is an excellent meme for anyone who loves 4/20. It’s irreverent yet relatable and sure to get a laugh out of all your friends.


In conclusion, the best 420 buzzwords celebrate marijuana day in various ways. Some memes poke fun at the holiday, while others celebrate the plant and its many uses. Whatever your stance on marijuana, there is sure to be a 420 meme that you can enjoy.

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