6 Best Video Editors for YouTubers Beginners

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Regardless of the topic, every video will go through the editing process to help you start your career on the right foot.

Today we consume more videos than ever before, with YouTube recording a 90% increase in people’s time on the platform in 2021.

This shows the great demand for this type of content, and if there is demand, there is also supply! The number of YouTubers producing videos only increases and is already consolidated as a job market of its own.

Some start for fun, and those start with the focus of creating a successful career. If you’re one of those people, there’s an indispensable tool that you’ll need from the first moment: the video editor.

Every video, regardless of the topic, will go through the editing process, and to help you start your career on the right foot, we’ve listed 6 video editors for beginner YouTubers.

6 video editors that YouTubers should try

Corel VideoStudio Pro

This is complete software for those starting to edit with an easy-to-use interface.

Corel aims to help its users have an express and simplified experience with the program so that it is possible to obtain finished material without having edited videos in the past. Despite running exclusively on Windows 7 and newer versions of this operating system’s still a great option.


FlexClip is an online free video editing tool with many built-in video templates and a material library, including videos, pictures, illustrations, and photos. You can freely replace the text, videos, and illustrations in it, and you can make it quickly make a graphic video.

FlexClip’s video templates are suitable for making videos such as marketing advertisements and educational presentations.

DaVinci Resolve

With a range of tools and solutions ranging from beginners to advanced, this program is excellent for anyone who has already had some simple video editing knowledge. DaVinci Resolve delivers on everything very well, from fine-cutting, audio tweaking, and even animations. Among the software, this is perhaps one of those that take the longest to learn to use, but once you master it, it is very effective.


Standing out for its vast library of templates, video templates, and effects available, this is an excellent choice of an online video editor for Youtube, especially for beginners. The tool makes the beginning of the journey much more accessible; bringing references, vignette suggestions, thumbnails, and ready-made templates for various video niches and ideas that can complete yours and enable a better final product faster. There is also the advantage of shared editing. If you know a person with editing experience, you can invite them to participate in your video projects and create them simultaneously.

EaseUs Video Editor 

It supports the vast majority of video files; even those recorded by yourself and brings features for fine image cropping and video adjustments simplified. This editor is a bold choice for beginners, and its negative point is that it only works on Windows, but if you are a user of this operating system and are going to start editing videos, be sure to check this one out.


Focused on processing and agility, this editor was designed and programmed with a total focus on fluidity and speed. Its features also allow the final product to be more compact than other files without losing quality! Despite having an older interface and limited free applications, VideoProc is a perfect tool in a range of domains.


It is essential to use more than one editor to understand which one you will do best with. Adaptability is the main factor in this software choice process. So take advantage of the tips on this list and start editing your videos for YouTube now.

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