6 Creative Custom Paper Bag Designs in 2022

Do you have no idea how to design your paper bags? Then, check out these 6 paper bag designs and styles that are sure to inspire you.

If you’ve ever purchased at a retail store, you’ve most likely left with a shopping bag containing your purchases. But have you ever observed how these bags are designed?

While the unboxing experience is crucial, so is the customer experience after purchasing. If you sell clothing in a retail store, own a boutique shop, or work in a restaurant, paper bags are the ideal canvas for extending your brand’s reach outside your business.

Here are six alternative paper bag designs to assist you in choosing the ideal type of paper bag for your brand and products.

Rope-Handled Paper Bags

Paper bags with rope handles are perfect for selling heavy things such as electronics or fragile objects such as wine bottles or glassware. These rope handles are securely attached to the paper bag and can resist the weight of heavy things.

1-Apple Retail Bags with Rope Handles

Apple is a well-known example of a brand that uses paper bags with rope handles. With over 500 retail outlets worldwide, it’s no wonder that many consumers prefer to make their purchases in person at an Apple store.

Given the high value of Apple items and the different weights of devices (e.g., lightweight AirPods to giant MacBook Pro laptops), these bags must be strong and not break when a consumer carries their product home.

In terms of style, Apple has gone with a simple bag design that includes only their silver emblem on the edges of the bag and a grey rope. Their plans have always been minimally constant throughout all products, including their bags.

2 – Under Armour Rope Handle Bags

Under Armour is a fitness company that sells anything from apparel and shoes to backpacks and training equipment. Under Armour, like Apple, has employed custom printed paper bags with robust rope handles as retail shopping bags.

Armour has chosen a printed pattern design across the entire bag, along with a prominent white Under Armour logo in the center, making their brand recognized from a distance. Their rope handle is also a brilliant red in keeping with their brand colors.

Bags made of paper with ribbon handles

Paper bags with ribbon handles are suitable for transporting high-quality, lightweight things. So it’s no surprise that these bags elevate the look and feel of the paper bag. With unique ribbon handles that can be tailored to any shape, size, material, and color.

3 – Victoria’s Secret Retail Bag with Ribbon Straps

Victoria’s Secret is a fashion company that stresses beauty and luxury (pun intended). Their merchandise ranges from light apparel to accessories like perfume and lotions.

Their items aren’t too hefty, and these ribbon handles are the ideal combination of function and design. With the pink stripes and pink ribbon handles, anyone carrying these bags instantly recognizes Victoria’s Secret brand.

4 – Gift Bag with Ribbon Handles from Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer has you covered if you want to enhance your gift-giving skills. They sell printed gift bags with ribbon handles in various sizes, colors, and numbers in their retail outlets.

Their bag designs are pre-printed and feature unique silver foil word stamping. The colors are appropriate for the festive motif, including a good mix of red, white, and green. The ribbon handles are also made of a heavier material, ensuring the strength of your gift bags.

Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

Are you looking for a 100% paper bag solution? Twisted handle paper bags, also known as twisted handle carrier bags, are great for transporting lightweight items like food and clothing. As the name suggests, these handles are created by machines and are just paper twisted together to form a robust grip.

5- Zara’s Twisted Handle Kraft Paper Bag 

Zara has been working hard to become a circular business, with stores making changes to minimize their environmental effect. While customers can reuse their bags several times, it’s essential to realize that they will biodegrade after many usages.

Thanks to the durable twisted paper handles, customers can safely grip their purchases, ranging from many jackets to minor items. Their paper bag design is simple, with a big white Zara logo that will catch anyone’s eye on the street.

6-Food Panda’s Twisted Handle Paper Bag 

With the sheer volume of food deliveries that occur daily, we are all aware that there is a significant amount of packaging waste. Not just in the containers but also in the bags used to convey the food.

Food Panda has elected to use paper bags with a twisted paper handle for all of its meal delivery. These bags come in various sizes and are durable, capable of transporting supper for two people and food for several days. They’ve also put kraft paper bags with their distinctive pink Food Panda branding on them, making it very easy to tell when a delivery is on its way.

When selecting a paper bag for your company, keep in mind the weight of your products and the style of handle you prefer. The paper bag is your blank canvas to be as creative as you want in terms of bag design!

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