The 7 best sharpening stones for pocket knives


Having the best sharpening stone at home makes the difference between some knives that are sharp for a long time, and some that, using a sharpening system that is not suitable, lose the properties of their blade, causing it to be dull and you end up with knives that They won’t be able to cut even a tomato.

What is the best sharpening stone?

Kitchen knives need a smooth, controlled sharpening where the geometry of the blade is respected. Something that you can achieve with a whetstone that has the right properties. This means that you will have to look between the different types of stone that exist, since there are coarse, fine, water, or oil stones.

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Explore this comparison guide and buying tips to bring home or your professional kitchen. An efficient, durable, and blade-friendly whetstone for your knives, scissors, or any cutting tool.

Here are the best whetstones :

1. Razorri Whetstone

With two double-sided stones in 400, 1000, 3000, and 8000 grit, a level stone, and a non-slip rubber base. It’s a high-end set perfect for sharpening your kitchen knives, garden tools, and even your razor blades. to shave.

Please note these are not suitable for serrated and ceramic knives. For the rest, you will only have to help yourself with its angular guide to anchor. The stone and start working your knives for a durable edge.

2. Tacklife whetstone

Less expensive, but a suitable stone to have at home, being double-sided at 1000/6000. With coarse and fine grit, leaving the blade ready for any cut.

It is a double stone that has a non-slip base made of bamboo and an angle guide that facilitates the sharpening process. You will only have to soak it in water, use the 1000 grit side first and finish with the 6000 for a polished finish.

3. DDF whetstone

A simple double-sided stone, of good quality and more affordable than others with the same features on the market. With it, you will have one side with a stone grain of 1000. Which effectively sharpens the most jagged and damaged knives. Also, have another side with a grain of 6000 to give final finishes and polish to the edges of the blade.

It is a simple stone that will not take up space in your kitchen. Keep in mind that, like others in the selection, it must be soaked before use.

4. BearMoo Whetstone

Among all the options on the list, this one combines the best value for money. As it is a thick, solid, and large whetstone that you can use in professional kitchens or at home. Giving you the necessary stability to grind without losing the edge and keep it sharp. for much longer.

Like other models on the list, this stone is not suitable for sharpening ceramic and serrated knives.

5. KUNQUN whetstone

The best option is if you have Japanese knives at home. As it is a stone that will ensure that they do not lose their sharpness with this double-sided stone.

With it, you can recover knives with lost blades thanks to its 400 grit side and a finer 1000 grit side for a finer, more polished finish.

It has a non-slip base and a blade holder, something that allows the stone to be kept in a stable position, to avoid accidents in the kitchen

6. S and R whetstone

A stone for professional knives, with which you will not have to limit yourself as it also allows you to sharpen scissors and even chisels.

It has two sides or faces, one with a fine-grit of 1000 and the other with a deep grit of 400, which gives you the perfect tools to make your knives look new.

For its use, it is advisable to wet the stone with plenty of water and always have the knife at the correct sharpening angle.

7. MANNESMANN whetstone

If you are looking for the simple and less expensive, this MANNESMANN sharpening stone is made of a conglomerate of gravel. Offers you a double side, where, the darker and coarse-grained part, will be perfect for very worn edges. while its other side allows you a fine, smooth finish and leaves without imperfections.

Keep in mind that with this stone, you will not have support like in previous models, something that can affect its ease of use.

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