7 Most Important Types of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real Estate investment in Turkey is very important and valuable incentives have been set by the government to encourage foreign investors to invest in Turkish real estate. In addition, due to the many possibilities and tax cuts, the rate of return on investment in Turkish real estate is almost guarantee and is achieve at a very high rate.

In the last few years, Turkish real estate has undergone significant changes. Because Real Estate investment in Turkey deals are available in Turkey. Whether it is a reason to buy an investment, entertainment or even housing. Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a prominent position that connects Asia and Europe like Turkey and is one of the best countries with many opportunities for profit and trade. Asia and Europe in terms of culture and civilization. As well as a very distinctive design of real estate

Turkey has many different types of real estate investments and methods. Here we introduce all the forms and methods of Real Estate investment in Turkey. First, type in terms of how to invest in real estate, in terms of investment options and in terms of the type of property.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate:

For example, this is an investment in commercial offices and a variety of real estate that does not target homes and shops, and this investment is only in Istanbul.

Investing in residential real estate:

This type of investment includes real estate of the specified type for residential purposes such as villas and houses. And is available and offer in Istanbul and all Turkish cities.

Real Estate investment in Turkey through real estate development:

Buy real estate in projects under construction in important and strategic areas and sell at a higher price after the project is complete. Real Estate investment in Turkey is the best and attracts the most investors. -Construction project. Or buy an old property in a critical area, renovate it and sell it at a higher price. Second: Methods and types of real estate investment in terms of period and rate of return:

Investing to make money faster:

When you need to invest in real estate to make a quick profit in a short time. It is better to go to Turkey and buy an apartment. Especially in the city center and developing areas with abundant infrastructure. Due to the existence and proximity of these public facilities, the project apartments are public and real transport, which shortens the sales period and benefits from it. And this type of investment confirm its success after making huge profits over time. Also, if the apartment is sold, the rate of return can be up to 20%.

Office real estate has a great potential for profit. This is because the number of companies has increase and the term entrepreneur has emerge. And all private companies need offices, so buying an office in one of the office buildings is recommended. Complex and rent or sale and commercial real estate is also a guarantee option for quick profit. Shopping malls are a destination for everyone. Therefore, having commercial real estate such as buying and selling small and medium-size stores is recommend. This is the best way to Real Estate investment in Turkey and ensure a good and fast return.

Investing for permanent profit:

Renting is an ideal way to make a profit in Real Estate investment in Turkey. Given that more people are turning to renting apartments in Turkey. Do you offer housing during the review period and here we suggest you buy Turkish real estate investment apartments in areas close to the university or in an area. For business residence, it is suggest that this apartment be close to the commercial and commercial center of the city. And due to the large number of employees, workers and students, these types of apartments are scatter in large commercial cities such as Istanbul.

Long Term Investment:

The first and last advice here is patience. If you want to invest in Turkish real estate in the long run. On the other hand, agricultural land is the best way to achieve big profits. However, this issue needs long and deep research. Real estate experience should consider the land’s ability to enter. In real estate planning, this plot of land is locate 12-14 km from the city center, because a typical city expands to this level every 10 years. Upon entering this land, the price of this land doubles. New construction. This is a system and is guarantee to be produce after entering a new build. Big profit

Real Estate investment in Turkey with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Real Estate investment in Turkey is one of the easiest and safest ways for investors who want to obtain Turkish citizenship. This type of investment is support by the Turkish government. This is to facilitate the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment in Turkey. Reduce the minimum property price from $ 500,000 to $ 250,000

Following this decision, the interest of Arab and foreign investors in the Turkish real estate sector has undergone significant changes and growth. Since then, the real estate sector has grown steadily.

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