All Dragon Ball Series Explained In Chronological Order

Dragon Ball is a multi-series project that has now been on-air for more than thirty years. This anime extends over a series of seven different parallels.

Chronological Arrangement Of All Series:

Although the original manga was simply called “Dragon Ball,” their adaptation was later split up. In this blog, we have arranged all the Dragon Ball series in chronological order, so you know how to watch them in the right order.

1.   Dragon Ball(1986-1989):

The original series of this lot was simply named Dragon Ball and is arguably the best among the rest. It adopted the six-story arcs a lot better than Dragon Ball Z did its four-story arc. Not only that, there is a far lesser involvement of inconsistent animation and awkward fillers in Dragon Ball when compared to its successors.

Even then, whatever fillers were introduced in this series added depth to the storyline and expanded the ideas that were already delivered through the manga. If you like the original series and want to buy Dragon Ball merch, explore the collection at Anime Merch Online.

2.   Dragon Ball Z(1989-1999):

Dragon Ball Z seems to be a continuation of Dragon Ball in many ways. The first episode of this part of series followed the airing of its predecessor closely. It came only a week later and was even scripted as a Dragon Ball episode instead of the first episode of DBZ. This was a rebranding technique as well, which worked to pump life into the new anime series by offering it popularity, budget, and ample staff.

3.   Dragon Ball GT(1996-1997):

As the Buu arc came to an end, Akira Toriyama seemed to have given up on Dragon Ball Z but Toei wanted to go on. Even though the series was rapidly losing its fame, Toei did not let it go and decided to test the fate of the anime by releasing one last sequel. This was called the Dragon Ball GT and was an anime-only follow-up of the series.

4.   Dragon Ball Kai(2009-2011):

This was created as an effort by Toei to bring the story more in line with the original manga. It contained re-edited scenes and a lower episode count. The brand-new performance of the cast in addition to a brand-new score is what made it successful in imitating Akira Toriyama’s original manga in a new way. Kai was a risky Dragon Ball Z player, but the story seemed to have been a hit due to certain arcs.

5.   Dragon Ball Kai – The Final Chapters(2014-2015):

This turned out to be a very disappointing pursuit of the original Dragon Ball Kai. Even though the original series did not feature a perfect Kai, free from fillers that could have been easily cut at times, it still was better in quality than its follow-up. With a lack of clear vision and a green tint across the entire screen, the series suffered from a generic and discouraging score.

6.   Dragon Ball Super(2015-2018):

The abrupt end of Dragon Ball Super after the Tournament of Power was aggravating for a lot of fans. However, more canon animated content introduced itself as Dragon Ball Super: Broly. This has recently taken charge of the series and is developing some fan base.

7.   Super Dragon Ball Heroes(Latest):

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has taken over the responsibility to continue the franchise now. The series episode tells a whole different story and seems more focused on promotion. However, there is also a display of some great animation in the episodes every once in a while. The insanely unbelievable plot is kind of fun to indulge in and is quite enjoyable as well.

So if you have been wanting to watch the series, here is your guide. It is recommended to start watching in the right order to truly enjoy the essence of this series. If you love Dragon Ball and want to buy official Dragon Ball merch, visit Anime Merch Online.

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