Are PC Video Games Becoming Too Expensive?

Many gamers say PC gaming is dead. You may have even seen statistics suggesting this might be the case. Determining if PC gaming like afk arena tier list is dying requires knowing the full history of the video game industry as a whole and what is happening on each of the platforms.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what’s going on in the video game industry, with the game skyrocketing to the moon in terms of popularity. The BBC reports that the popularity of Esports – despite many tournaments each year being worth millions of dollars – is only scratching the surface.

Is PC gaming really dying?


If you look at the statistics, you will notice that the PC gaming market share is decreasing. This could lead to the misconception that PC gaming is dying. According to Statistics , the PC gaming market share in the entire video game industry is 24% in 2019.

The video game industry includes mobile games, console games, and PC games. The mobile game has eclipsed the competition as it holds 48% of the market share in 2020. As it continues to rise, they could potentially increase their market share in the future.

If we look closely at the video game industry as a whole, it is worth $159.3 billion according to NewZoo. They have been on the upward trend for decades and they continue to increase by around 9-10% every year.

The growth of the entire industry can justify that while PC games are losing market share, they continue to increase revenue every year. I mean, the entire computer hardware industry is already bringing in about $70 billion every year and they’re also growing every year.

If you take that into account, PC gaming is getting better every year. It just means that the whole industry is booming and mobile games are becoming the future as they are more accessible.

Why is PC gaming losing market share?

As mentioned earlier, their revenues are on an upward trend, but why are their market shares declining in the video game industry? With the rise of mobile gaming, everyone is changing or just playing good addictive mobile games on the go.

According to NouveauZoo , 85% of gaming industry revenue comes from free-to-play games and their microtransactions. The bulk of the most popular mobile games are all free games and that’s why they take a much bigger slice of the pie.

If the gaming industry as a whole is growing by 9-10% every year, each of the platforms should be growing as well. The only problem is that most PC games don’t have that AAA price. In fact, 56% of developers work in the production of PC games.

There are more PC games released each year than any other platform. It also continues to follow this trend for the foreseeable future.

With all of this in mind, the most popular platform, Steam, also offers regional pricing for their games. This means that each region will have their games at a cheaper price depending on the country they live in. For console and mobile games, most, if not all, have a standard price, regardless of region.

In this case, the biggest region, Asia, would get its games cheaper and make gaming more accessible. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they could make more money by making it more expensive, as that part would have been sought after by the respective companies for their games when they set the price.

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