Avoid Bacteria by Cleaning Up Your Computer Equipment

Cleaning Up Computer Equipment

We often talk about mobile phones as being real breeding grounds for bacteria… But what about your computer, which you probably never think to clean? When we clean, we spontaneously think of dust or the bathroom… But rarely of this kind of material! So here are all our tips to make your keyboards and screens look great again very simply.

The ultimate argument that will make you want to clean your computer

The English magazine Which? Computing asked a laboratory to analyze the bacteria present on a computer keyboard. The conclusions are without appeal; the latter are contaminated by multiple bacteria. One of these keyboards was even cataloged as “5 times dirtier than a toilet seat. ”. This is chilling, considering the time we spend in front of our computer…

Say goodbye to dust on your keyboard!

First tip: turn your device upside down and tap it against your desk. You will certainly be surprised at how much can escape! Dust, crumbs, hair… it’s time to get out your table vacuum!

However, do not vacuum the keyboard directly, as this may suck in the keys. Just vacuum the surface of your desk. Then take a microfiber cloth and specific isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. Lightly soak the cloth, and pass it over to each character.

Don’t forget to clean the mouse

Your hand is grafted to it while you work. It, therefore, carries all the bacteria present on your hand. Always with a microfiber cloth and a bottle of highly diluted alcohol, also take the time to clean your mouse. Beware of abrasive products on plastics.

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For a clean, fingerprint-free screen

Ah, that old reflex of pointing fingers… Your screen remembers it! To remedy this, avoid window spray, and always take this same type of cloth. Dry at first, and if necessary, moisten it with a little water. Be careful not to use abrasive products or rub too hard, at the risk of damaging the anti-reflective treatment if your screen is recent. Then dry thoroughly.

Dust off your desktop computer

For a desktop computer, turn off the power, then remove the side panel. Once open, remove the clumps of dirt and then take a can of compressed air to blow on the fans. With the air pressure, the dust may fly into the room, so perform this manipulation in a ventilated room. Then vacuum around you, there must be a lot of need!

On a laptop, on the other hand, don’t go into this business if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Instead, content yourself with a hand vacuum through the ventilation grilles, this will be more than enough.

Regular cleaning prevents the proliferation of bacteria

These small manipulations are to be carried out if possible once a month, or at the very least once a quarter. Once you get used to it, this operation only lasts a few minutes. Also, take the time to do these small manipulations periodically to avoid bacteria on your computer.

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