Best tools to merge pdf – Introduction Guide

merge pdf

As we all know that how common and important pdf format is but why we need to merge pdf files? Because by merging pdf files make it easy and convinient to to compress multiple pdf files into one file. By keeping and merging related pdf files into one file makes it easier to get and identify the related files from one merged pdf file quickly at the time of need. There are many situation where you need to keep the same related pdf files into one. For example  you’ve printed multiple web pages to PDFs and need to join them together. So at these situations you have to merge files. But how we can use pdf to doc converter for free? No worries there are a lot of free pdf merging tools. In this article we will discuss about the top three tools that you may use to merge pdf files quickly. These tools are listed and described below: 2pdf is the most secure, convinient and fast online tool. By using you can easily merge pdf files or demerge pdf files without any error or delay. This tool is very effective in putting pdf files together, compression and conversion. This tool also allows you to convert from any format to pdf files, reduce the size of pdf files, allows pdf file compression and many other exciting features. There is no need to download or install this tool to your desktop or system. You just need an internet connection, go online and go to and start  putting pdf files together, converting and compressing your pdf files. Because of its user-friendly interface user can easily perform conversions and compressions without facing any complexities. 2pdf is totally free tool and you can unlimitedly use this tool without paying any single penny.

iLovepdf: As the name shows this tool is for pdf lovers as it is very lovely free online tool for putting the pdf files together (merging pdf files), conversion and compression of pdf files. This tool provides an easy interface to merge pdf files, convert and compress pdf files. There is no need of downloading and installing software on your desktop, laptop and smart device. User just need to go online by having an internet connection and go to, upload the files user want to merge, convert or compress and within seconds user will get amazing results.

Sodapdf: Sodapdf is a free online tool used to merge pdf files without the wastage of time. This tool is available for both desktop and online. This tool also offers other exciting functionalities like compression, conversion and sharing of pdf files. Sodapdf is a free tool but for limited duration. After that you have to pay to enjoy the functionalities. By using Sodapdf You can’t reorder individual pages or convert between file types.

Users of Adobe Acrobat’s premium software, Adobe Acrobat Pro need to have the password to open a password-protected file and then change it in the menu options. They must first download or purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro and then open the file to change the security settings from the Security Method drop-down menu.

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