Choose A Natural Method for In-Depth Maintenance of Your Tiled Surfaces

In-Depth Maintenance of Tiled Surfaces

In the living rooms and bathrooms of our homes, we most often adopt tiled surfaces for the sake of hygiene. Moisture, dust, grease, or mold soil and damage the joints of your tiles over the long term. Only regular and in-depth maintenance will allow you to live in a clean and healthy environment. Totally natural, steam cleaning is by far the best method.

How does steam clean and disinfect the joints of your tiles at the same time?

Tile is present in many homes. In the most humid rooms, a steam mop is often the only alternative to prevent mold. Quick to wash, quick to dry, it provides perfect hygiene for your interior.

It is imperative to never forget the tile joints because these are constantly attacked by bacteria found in dust, the earth brought in from outside, food fats, mold, etc.

For the floors, the tile joints are made of cement while for the walls they are made of silicone. Conventional methods most often recommend the use of different chemicals to clean them. These products leave residues on your surfaces or floor and are potentially irritating or allergenic.

It is, therefore, preferable to opt for a completely natural and more effective method by providing you with a SteamShot handheld steam cleaner, for example. With this device, you do not use any detergent, and the action of the steam associated with the high pressure allows you to easily clean the joints of your house in depth and eliminate bacteria.

Why take advantage of the advantages of steam cleaners to maintain your tiles?

Environmentally friendly, steam cleaning uses only tap water, removing all chemicals and harmful products from your cupboards. Exit also the many hard plastic packaging! A small amount of water and no chemicals is enough for high steam production and thorough cleaning with your steam cleaner.


By eliminating the mechanical action of intensive brushing, you avoid work that can be tedious and tiring. All you have to do is run your professional hand-held steam cleaner along the tile joints. The steam and pressure from your steam cleaner do the rest!

Thanks to the set of 4 brushes for SteamShot, you can choose the utensil or accessory you need depending on the surface to be cleaned. You can then attack all the rooms of the house and use your steam cleaner to clean the fittings, the oven, the hobs or the windows…

Avoid chemicals, even for deep maintenance

It sometimes happens that the joints of your tiles are. Damaged by encrusted stains, grease, or mold for example. If in these cases a classic cleaning is not enough to make them disappear, opt for a natural method rather than chemical products. A damp sponge soaked in claystone works very well on small areas.

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