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“With the Spring season in full bloom and the NYFW behind us, it’s time to move onto the next big thing; Coachella!” 

This music festival is the only place where celebrities, bloggers, and models alleviate their styles and bring out crazy creativeness. All of which include statement makeup supplies, outfits, and funky hairstyles. The two-weekend festival allows people to embrace their true selves in the middle of the Californian Desert. These festivals are fantastic opportunities for people to go overboard and experiment with their makeup looks. You can find all sorts of makeup inspirations from Instagrammers, models, and actresses. These could include shimmers, glitters, boldness, or sometimes a simple white eyeliner does the trick. 

Although professional makeup artists create such looks, there’s no rule in the book that people at home can’t achieve the same style. All you need is high-quality L. A girl’s eye shadow palettes and you’re good to go. This article will bring you festive makeup looks that took our breath away at this year’s Coachella event. 

The accent of the Under Eye 

A swap of colour under the eye can make your look pop out. That’s what happened at the 2022 Coachella music event. Jhene Aiko and Haily Bieber were spotted with a bold undereye colour that accentuated their overall look. To recreate this look, fetch some gel liners to line your waterline (white, black, orange, anything that goes with your preferred lok) and swap a colour of your favourite eyeshadow for the perfect Coachella look. 

Keeping it Glossy 

If we’re being honest, the Californian heat can be overbearing and make you look like a glistening mess. So, why not turn it into a look? This year celebrities made sure to pop out their cherry lips with a dab of gloss, and as makeup lovers, we fell head over heels. Kendall Jenner and Storm Reid rocked the glow look simultaneously. One made it look natural and healthy, while the other made sure to bring out the colour. 

Beaded Babes of Hollywood 

Adding beads to the eyes has been a long favorite of countless women in Coachella history. And the trend continues to grow this year as well. Supermodel Romee Strijd and Actress Maria Bakalova rocked the bead trend by keeping it minimalistic and subtle. For people looking to recreate this look, create a base of eyeshadow from L.Girls (color of choice) and carefully glue the beads all over the eyes, starting from the outer corners while working your way. We suggest going for a solid pink eyeshadow colour and white dots to get into the festival spirit. 

The Cutting Eyeliner by L.A Girls 

Sometimes you don’t need fancy accessories and glitter to complete the look, and a simple sharp eyeliner can work for you. Although Coachella is about going over the top, you can add a statement with colour eyeliners like red, blue, green, yellow, or classic black. Vanessa Hudgens carried a classic eyeliner with a nude makeup look and some hipster clothing. L. A girl’s eyeliner gives you the same sharp, black, and good quality results for recreating this look. 

Eyeshadow Game 

Nothing says Spring Music Festival without bold, crusty, and glittery eye makeup looks. The idea of being colourful is the main priority. Eyeshadow games help a person bring out their creativity. You can add embellishments, glitters, and intense eyeshadows to create the perfect festive look and pair it with some funky outfits. Girls at home can quickly try this with drugstore L. A girl’s eyeshadow palettes. 

Bold Lips By L.A Girls 

Beauty lovers know the importance of good lip color. It’s the final and an essential part of any makeup supplies. Even though this year, celebs kept the eye minimal with gloss, there’s no harm in adding your style. A bold lip exudes power and confidence, a factor crucial according to the festival vibe. The L., A girl’s lip colour range, has every colour to perfectly accommodate your look and enhance your facial features. 

Here is our pick for the Coachella inspired makeup looks of 2022. After a two-year hiatus, the festival that regained its spirit displayed art on a freeway and made sure everyone enjoyed it. Due to the overgrown popularity of the music festival, retailers are stocking up known makeup supplies brands and other beauty products. MY US HUB provides high-quality beauty products such as L. A Girls, wet n wild, Revolve, etc. So retailers and wholesale suppliers can contact them to get the best prices and products.

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