Concrete Pumps Types | Which is the best?

Concrete Pumps Types

The construction business is growing day and night. In the entire process of construction, when it comes to pouring concrete then concrete pumps are best to use. They make the entire process easy. We have different concrete pumps for sale in the market.

What are the different types of Concrete Pumps for Sales?

Line Pumps

First on the list is the line pump. These Pumps are used to pour out liquid concrete at ground level. The liquid concrete keeps on coming out until it reaches its desired destination. The hoses in the line pump offer flexibility for the liquid to flow with ease. Some examples of concrete line Pumps are-

Stationary Pumps

The most basic form of a concrete pump for sale is the stationary pump. It is also called a trailer-mounted pump because in it the pump is mounted on the trailer. Stationary Pumps are not easy to transport, therefore a special truck is required to transport them to the work location. Due to the lack of the presence of boom in the Stationary Pumps, they require multiple pipelines and hoses to transport the concrete. If you precisely want the concrete to reach its location then a separate placing boom is also essential.

Truck-mounted static pump

These are the Pumps where the pump is over the truck bed. Therefore, they can easily take it to the work location. Due to the lack of placing booms, they require separate concrete hoses to take the concrete to its location.

Truck Mixer Pump

The truck mixer pump is a combinational pump with a concrete mixer and a pump to release the concrete to the desired location. In this concrete pump, you can directly pour the concrete out from the mixer. This is a successful model for various applications to take place. Though it requires a spacious area to perform its applications and neither is driving a big truck of concrete pump easy.

Boom Pumps

The second type of concrete pump in the list is the boom pump. These pumps use the air to pour out the country to its location. The long and flexible articulated arm is effective to pour the liquid and seems like a crane up in the air. Boom pumps are required in areas where line pumps cannot reach. These areas include the upper floors of buildings and houses. They are very effective for the construction of the backyard, swimming pools, and gardens.

One can easily drive it to the work location and no extra hoses are required to pour out the concrete from the pump. These are quite popular due to their feature of being user-friendly.

Here are a few configurations of the articulated section of the boom concrete pump.

Roll and fold configuration.

This section of the pump rolls and folds in a circular motion and requires a wide space to unfold afterward.

Z and ZZ Configuration 

In this configuration, the pumps fold in a forth and then backward motion, also called the accordion. They can easily be fitted in tight spaces.

RZ configuration 

It is a combinational multi-fold which includes both the roll and fold configuration as well as the ZZ configuration. 

What are the uses of these Concrete Pumps for Sale?

The use of concrete pumps for sale is in construction. If you wonder how? Then here you go-

Slab Building 

The Foundation of a building is very important and we require flat slabs in the formation of the foundation. A concrete pump helps to achieve a solid foundation that would prevent cracks or the flow of water. And because they work easily and quickly, there are rare chances of imperfections.

High rise buildings 

The high elevations are not easy to reach. But, with the help of a boom concrete pump, it becomes quite simple to reach these high-rise apartments and buildings. Such pumps also ensure complete safety during the entire process. A concrete pump makes sure that the construction process is not delayed and remains scheduled.

Bridges and Dams

While the construction of bridges and dams it is a priority to make them strong and durable. The dams and bridges have to hold a large amount of weight of the vehicles, traffic, and water pressure. Boom pumps are particularly used for such constructions because they ensure quick release of concrete over the top of the bridge. 

In-ground Swimming Pools

The in-ground swimming pools have a concrete foundation similar to a basement. During the construction of the backyard swimming pool, boom concrete pumps for sale offer a special advantage. It is because the boom pump can easily reach out to the backyard of the house and pour concrete damaging the other parts of the yard.

Which is the best concrete pump?

The choice of the concrete pump depends on the purpose. Most people prefer boom concrete pumps for sale because of their numerous applications.

Which one would you prefer? Let us know.

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