Difference between labels and stickers?

Labels and stickers are both used for creative purposes. They can both be used as packaging solution and help in enhancing its look. They both have a sticking feature and can stick on any material. They both can be made of paper, plastic, or a similar object. They both use adhesives to be made. However, there is some difference in their appearance, function, and impact.

Stickers vs. labels

Stickers are mostly attached to the boxes and may create graphics or writings. Whereas, Labels can be attached to the box or hanged on the side with a string. Labels mostly include information related to the object it is attached to.

Appearance of stickers

  • Stickers may include information related to the object or graphics.
  • Stickers are mostly colorful and their nature is according to the object it is on. For example, if the sticker is attached to a kid’s product it will include some toys.
  • Stickers come in various shapes and sizes from which you can choose the one that fits best to your carton. Some of the common shapes are circular, oval, square, rectangular, and triangular.
  • Stickers have a protected layer on their surface which prevents them from damaging when coming in contact with other objects, the design doesn’t rip off.
  • The protective layer allows the sicker to retain its original consistency of the layer and the color doesn’t fade away.
  • The protective layer protects the sticker and graphics from water and dust.

Appearance of labels

  • Most of the labels used on product packaging are plain, monochrome, or according to the color combination of the product and the brand.
  • They don’t include many colors.
  • Labels come in different shapes and sizes from which you can choose any measurement of your choice.
  • Some of the common shapes are rectangular, square, triangular, square, trapezium, and arrow shaped.
  • You can also choose if you want to keep or remove a border on the label, its width, design, color can all be customized.
  • These labels are ideal to have information related to the packaging on them.
  • Labels are more pressure sensitive as compared to stickers and come in a lighter material.
  • Labels have a protective layer that helps retain the color and writing in its original color.
  • The protective layer helps keep the label safe from water and dust.
  • It is important to add in some borders with patterns or designs to make labels less dull and more attractive.

Function of stickers

  • These stickers are ideal to print graphics on them.
  • They can also be used to print important information.
  • Stickers are used widely to advertise the brand and to convey important information through the stickers.
  • Stickers can have information which is meaning to catch customer’s attention for example the sign of discount or sale.
  • With stickers you can highlight the important information, graphics or part of the packaging.

Function of labels

  • Labels are not as attractive as stickers and are mostly used to convey information.
  • This information can include ingredients, instruction of use, expiration date, or any other information.
  • Labels mostly fail to catch customer’s attention from afar as compared to stickers. 
  • Labels give a more sophisticated look as compared to the stickers and hence are ideal for brands with similar personalities and identities.
  • Labels are used to sell the product as they have information whereas stickers say something and hence has more impact

Impact of stickers

  • Stickers have more colors and graphics hence are more visible as compared to labels.
  • Stickers play a greater role in attracting the public towards the product and catch their attention from a distance.
  • One of the good things about stickers is that it has a dual purpose. That is that it can be printed upon with colors and graphics to make it attractive and can be embedded with text and information regarding the object or product that it is attached to. This way stickers can both attract and aware the public.

Impact of labels

  • However, as labels do not use as much color, design, and graphics as stickers do, they play less role in attracting the public and more on telling them regarding the brand and product.

Therefore, labels and stickers have different features and functions and may be used for different purposes. Both of these can be customized to increase their productivity and impact on the audience. Both of these are great to attract the greater public and to grab the maximum attention in the market. Unique features such as stickers and labels will also you compete through the market. However, this all can be done only if they are designed professionally. Stickermule.com is a packaging company that provides customized stickers and labels for packaging purposes.

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