How Much An Ecommerce Website Development Cost In 2022?

How Much An Ecommerce Website Development Cost In 2022

eCommerce website development services provide the finest website development that suits and helps to boost your business. To speed up your pace in this industry, you’ll need to invest in an e-commerce website interface, web hosting, SEO, and many more.    

  • Statista report estimates 5.4 trillion US dollars revenue generation in 2022.
  • The most popular e-commerce website Amazon has 2.5 billion monthly visitors in US alone
  • Bigcommerce states that 78% of users look for images in an e-commerce store, and 69% go for product reviews

Are you curious about how e-commerce web development helps your business grow tremendously according to your budget? 

Launching a new e-commerce store requires developing an e-commerce website, and knowing the costs plays a crucial role, as it allows you to estimate how much money you need for this purpose.

The development of an e-commerce website covers various aspects that affect the overall firm’s cost. For avoiding overpay for website development, it’s essential to have a clear action plan. This write-up will assist you in this. 

This piece will help you find the cost for eCommerce website development as well as features so that you have a clear idea about the commerce website costs.

So let’s get started.

According To Webfx

  • An eCommerce website development with 100-1000 products costs about $5000-$5000, including web design and front-end costs. 
  • The average cost of maintaining an e-commerce website having 100 to 1000 products is $15000 to $30000 per year.
  • The number of pages for your e-commerce website costs $1000 – $2000 per 10 pages.
  • Ecommerce web design pricing costs $0 – $100,000
  • Website copy for e-commerce websites costs $50 to $500 / page
  • Ecommerce SEO costs $750 to $5000 / month
  • Ecommerce responsive website design pricing costs $3000 to $25,000
  • Database integration pricing for e-commerce cost: $20,000 to $25,000 
  • Ecommerce functionality pricing costs $2000 to $25,000
  • Ecommerce CMS pricing costs $2000 to $25,000

You must be wondering why e-commerce website cost has such a wide range? It is because businesses choose e-commerce according to their requirements and functionality. As all e-commerce sites and companies are not the same, a basic website is more affordable than a complex one.  

Hence, the cost depends on the work involved is determined through two factors the cost of your website, the size, and the complexity. 

Basic Website Development Services

  • Size: The first important factor that determines the cost of a website is the number of pages; the less the number of pages, the lower the costs
  • Web design: Simple web design look fine and doesn’t have many surprises.
  • Copywriting: Short pages with a few hundred words and a few images don’t cost much. Shorter pages easily convey messages within a few seconds.  
  • Ecommerce SEO: SEO improves the website to show better search results on Google; SEO is the critical factor for any e-commerce website 
  • Responsive Website Design: Responsive web design is necessary for every e-commerce business. Hence your website should be responsive to devices.  
  • Database Integration: Database integration is mandatory for e-commerce sites.

Intermediate Website Development Services

  • Size:  One of the major pricing factors is the number of pages on your site. For e-commerce websites, it’s always 250+ to generate better leads than sites with fewer pages.
  • Web design: Moderately stylized sites enjoy some extra liberties with available spaces. They can add different graphics, a more robust color scheme, or other additional design elements.
  • Copywriting: Intermediate website development uses a strategic mix of pages to gain new traffic and new customers for their e-commerce site.
  • Ecommerce SEO: To earn greater revenue, firms must invest in SEO. be it basic, intermediate, or advanced, ranking on search engines is an essential component of e-commerce.  
  • Responsive Website Design: Responsive web design is essential to increase the number of customers—intermediate websites design websites to utilize maximum devices. 
  • Database integration: Database integration allows firms to keep records of the firm’s employees, products, customers, etc

Complex Website Development Services

  • Size: Complex website development services give multiple features the more pages that provide greater returns.  
  • Web design: Complex websites are characterized by their professional and distinguished appearance. They provide clean-cut with high-resolution images and color schemes appropriate for the website’s primary demographic.
  • Copywriting: A large page with interactive features, subsections, JavaScript inserts, and custom programming results in higher e-commerce website design costs.
  • Ecommerce SEO: SEO requires monthly investment and is a critical element for your e-commerce as it drives greater conversions.  
  • Responsive Website Design: Complex website development incorporates responsive website design that is worthwhile for e-commerce websites
  • Database integration: Advanced website development comprises streamlining operations as well as communications for simplifying customers’ shopping experience. 
  • E-commerce CMS: E-commerce CMS allows changes on the website directly without changing the website code.

Summing Up!

Clearly, the e-commerce industry is on the boon, and firms are adopting website development services to enhance their e-commerce business. But one of the firms’ major concerns is developing an e-commerce platform that fulfils their requirements and is budget-friendly. 

Finally, we hope that we have you a clear idea about how much an eCommerce website development costs!

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