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Kashmir When we hear the term, the first thing that pops up to our minds is the other name for it, heaven. This valley is surrounded by mountains reaching into the sky. You can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the world. are the reason why it is referred to as heaven on earth. Also, the local culture is an additional reason

It is one of the places you must be able to visit at least once in your life. the journey to Kashmir can give you a lot of reasons to rejoice in your life. For the beginning of your journey you can pick the city Srinagar for this journey since it is located in Kashmir it is easy to declare that this destination is beautiful and provide you with the most memorable experience of your lifetime. This is the place to start your journey since this area is connected to various types of transportation services Roadways, Railway and Airways. Find out everything you need to learn about travelling to Kashmir.

Places To Visit

There are a lot of destinations to explore in Kashmir to choose from . here are a few that are among the top of them. We’re taking care to ensure that you do not be able to miss any of the amazing experience.

Mughal Gardens

One of the most beautiful places is the Mughal garden that was built during the time of the Mughal Emperors in India. You can go to Shalimar, Chasme Sahi bagh and Nisath bagh. They must be on your list of places to visit.


Gulmarg is a town of a smaller size located just 50 km from Srinagar Gulmarg is a dream for all who visit it. Every inch is covered with ice in the winter months. This place is gorgeous and is called “meadows of flowers” this area should be included at the top of your list of places to visit during your Kashmir travels or, I would suggest it be at the most important list of destinations.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is a gorgeous lake situated in the middle of Srinagar Town This lake looks stunning and is very quiet and the views are breathtaking as the starting point. take a boat ride on a Shikara ride. It’s small, a boat that is decorated with stunning colours and in the traditional styles of Kashmir.


The city of Pahalgam Pahalgam is a hidden location that you can visit. it has a glacier lake that you can go.

SonmargThe location is known as the Lang of glaciers. Sonmarg can be described as the top area you can visit in Kashmir it’s the ideal place for trekkers to base themselves. it serves as the base for your trek through kashmir.

Things to do in Kashmir

Cable Car Ride

Cable car ride is among the few things that are available in the Kashmir region. At the same altitude. It’s lower than in the rest of India therefore, if you’re traveling to Kashmir it is advisable to go on a trip with Cable Car. It is available in Gulmarg and takes you to Kungdoor before heading to Kungdoor to the Aparwath mountain ranges.

Water rafting

water rafting is an exciting activity for those who are an enthusiast for adventure, then take part in these sports. You can enjoy in Pahalgam and also there are numerous other activities that are promoted through Kashmir tourism.


You can go paragliding in Harwan which is just 15 km away from Srinagar Harwan is one of the top locations in India to go paragliding.

Skiingis an activity that is only available in Kashmir throughout India ( in natural made the natural ice) it is possible to do it in Kashmir. It is possible to do it in Gulmarg.

How do I get to Kashmir

Since we’ve chosen Srinagar as our Start or base for travelling Kashmir therefore there are many options to travel to Srinagar There is an airport. Srinagar is connected to all cities in the vicinity and to all major cities. the closest train station is just 50km away. It will take just 2 to 3 hours to get to Srinagar from there.

If you’re planning to travel by road there are three choices that you could take: taxis or employ a self-driven auto or, if you prefer, can travel is to use buses offered through the state.

Best Time To Visit Kashmir

You are able to go to Kashmir throughout the year. This destination will provide you with the best experience you’ve ever had but it is said that most people should visit Kashmir is between the months of March and October. During this time the weather is mild as well as the flower and fruit blooms during this time is the most popular season for tourists and the highest tourists visit during this time but if you are a fan of snow the winter months are ideal for you to visit in the winter months, however most activities are halted due to the severe winter weather.

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