Expensive Stocks in India- A List You Must Know Before Investing


When entering the stock market, an investor will find that stock prices vary according to the market fluctuations. Many stocks go from rupees to a thousand for each share. Most shares in the Indian stock market trade at a share price below 1000. You will be surprised to know that 4000+ companies have a share price of less than 500.

The stock price provides you with the company’s current value. The current value indicates the price agreed upon by the buyer and seller. Stock valuation is a broader concept as it gives you an accurate picture of a company’s actual worth. However, it is essential to note that its share price is not directly related to the valuation. It depends on the demand and supply situation.

Most shares in India are traded through the best stock broker in India. Different brokers offer different charges, this may also be a factor influenced by their charges or fees.

Most expensive shares in India

While starting trading, you may find new or well-known companies alluring for investment in terms of stock. However, that must not be the case. You need to understand imperative intricacies before buying shares or stocks from Companies. To comprehend this, here are some companies with the highest share price in India.


Madras Rubber Factory is a famous tyre manufacturing company. What makes their shares so expensive? The main reason is that they have never split their stock to reduce the share cost. As a result, it is currently the highest stock exchange rate of RS 68700 on the National Stock Exchange. Thus, the single MRF share stock is above 70000, making it the most expensive stock.

The company ranks in the top 20 global manufacturers in the world. Earlier, many stock analysts have suggested that the stock would rise to Rs 100000. But instead, this share has maintained its position for a very long time.

Honeywell Automation

Honeywell Automation, the company second-top on the list offers a software solution to other organizations. However, the company doesn’t stop here. It owns a diversified portfolio with the establishment of plants, buildings, and supply chains for the business. Initially a part of TATA holdings, their share price is Rs 40375.

The company’s share price has provided sustainable returns at +235% in the past 5 years. The current PE Ratio is 96.36. Investors are still targeting this stock for good returns.

Page Industries

A licensed company that makes, manufactures and owns distribution for Jockey products in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, UAE, and Bangladesh. The Organization is currently offering the third most expensive stocks with a pricing of Rs 45671.65.

In a pandemic situation, the company posted a weak set of numbers but still positioned third. The costlier stock in the National Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of Rs 50328.5 crore.

Shree Cement

Shree Cement is a cement company with headquarters in Kolkata. It is the Indian Cement Company founded in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The market capitalization of the company is 92777.5 crore. It is among the top cement manufacturers in the northern part of India.

The company has 3 cement brands Bangur Cement, Rockstrong Cement, and Shree Ultra. These top brands are severe all over India.

Shree Cement holds the fourth position here with a share price of Rs 25983.95. It is famous name in the cement industry is still high with its share price, and investors are still bullish on it.

3M India Ltd

The multinational conglomerate Company operates in different sectors and offers a diversified business in the technology and science industry. 3M India Ltd also provides various healthcare, graphics, and energy business solutions. Their share price is at Rs 21021 with the fifth position in our list.

The company is spread worldwide with a market capitalization of Rs 23446.67 crore. Analysts believe in this type of company because of its diversified range.

Nestle India

Nestle India is a famous name in the food processing industry. The company offers a variety of products ranging from edibles to beverages. It is an Indian subsidiary of a Swiss multinational company.

Nestle India holds a share price of Rs 18292.75. The market capitalization of the company is Rs 177851 crore. They were the most expensive stocks in India. Many investors hold these stocks, whereas some investors find them highly priced.

However, the decision of buying or selling these stocks depends on individual investors and traders. The cheapest stock broker in India can offer you the best shares, yet it is essential you do your analysis and study each share before buying them. This is because the prices may vary according to the fluctuation in the market. Also, one must not rely on one or two stocks. The market is also unpredictable, and you have to be ready for risk too.

A cheaper share is not undervalued or overvalued. Hence it goes the same for the costly share that could not be overrated. One should consider the stock price based on different criteria. Look into the company’s financials, business, and management. You have to learn, execute, and strategize to make your investment safe.

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