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Fashion Brand

A fashion brand requires a unique and memorable name to help the brand gain a competitive edge and stand out from the rest in a highly competitive market. Your fashion business name should be catchy, compelling, and representative of its personality and identity. Statista had estimated that the fashion segment revenue in the United States should reach $205.00 billion by 2022. If you have made up your mind about starting your fashion label, be prepared to encounter the challenge of identifying the perfect name for your fashion brand. Identifying a suitable name for your fashion brand may involve a time-consuming and brain-wracking process. However, you may consider the steps discussed below to make the process easier and seamless.

Always Start With a Business Plan

According to experts at Forbes, this seems to be a standard practice followed by all entrepreneurs. Your business plan should necessarily explain the amount you are planning to invest in raw materials, operations, and other separate heads of the business. Your plan should encourage potential investors to invest in your fashion brand and deliver the required capital. Your business plan should highlight the guidelines and goals for a specified time period. Browsing through your plan, your investors must realize the benefits of partnering with you.

Do the Mandatory Research 

It is crucial to do ample research before choosing a suitable name for your fashion brand. You may focus on reviewing or evaluating your business plan. You will be successful in getting ideas, concepts, phrases, or words that may be suitable for your fashion brand. It pays to speak to your potential customers. Know more about your potential clients. When you meet them and talk to them, you should necessarily jot down concepts, words, and phrases that they feel relate to fashion brands.

Pay Attention to Your Target Audience

Fashion brand names must necessarily appeal to their specific target audience. You simply need to determine the specific segment you are targeting: urban, sophisticated, and youthful? Your brand name for your fashion business should reflect this trait. It is precisely why sports brands generally are short like Puma, Reebok, Fila, or Nike. Torrid is a plus-size clothing brand for younger women and teenagers and takes advantage of their romantic mindset or susceptibilities.

Determine & Identify Your Brand Personality

Fashion brands often represent the designer’s personality, and it is pretty common to find that several fashion brands are named after their owners, such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karen, and more. However, if your name is not easy to pronounce, it is better to name your product according to the personality of your brand, for instance, Forever21 is meant to appeal to young women.

Conclusion: Be Watchful of Copyrights

The final selection of a fashion brand name is incomplete without considering the copyright issue. You may be tempted to copy a tried and tested successful brand name by using misspellings and permutations. Your idea may be a total flop if your target audience fails to spell your brand name correctly. Always focus on checking trademark and copyright registries if you wish to avoid undesirable legal complications and disputes by choosing a name that already exists. 

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