Force traveller 26 seater price second hand: Complete Process In 2022

At a glittering event in Pune, Force unveiled one of the most important offers in the commercial business game, the Traveler 26 bus, a major version of their current Traveler bus. force traveller 26 seater price second hand

We’ve got an introduction and here’s everything you need to know about the bus and why it’s so noisy. Let’s start with the product we have in hand.

Traveler 26 Features:

Traveler 26 as its name implies, a bus carrying 26 people
Traveler 26 is said to be the 26-seat Indian bus in India
Traveler 26 is the world’s largest Monocoque Panel Van Bus
The Traveler 26 is the best fuel in the class which means the Force is 15% higher than the competition
The Traveler 26 comes with disk brakes on all 4 wheels
The Traveler 26 has a maximum capacity of 18kw per tonne compared to 12kw / ton of comparable models.
Traveler 26 uses the Dual Mass FlyWheel for the first time at the Light Commercial Vehicle in India.
The diesel engine for Traveler 26’s 2.2L is manufactured under the license of Daimler AG., Germany
Traveler 26 adopted the process of drawing the C.E.D (Cathodic Electro Deposition Dip) for the first application, the first vehicle in the category to do so. This process provides high levels of rust protection.
Electronic indicators of wear and tear on brake pads
The Traveler 26 has a low floor height for easy entry and exit
The Traveler 26 also has a very low drag center for better handling
NVH levels are low
2.2 meters wide body inside
This new 26-seat Traveler 26 has 2 × 2 seats and the rear seats are 2 × 2 + 1

Other Important References

It took Force Motors 50 crore Rs to upgrade Traveller 26
The Force currently has the capacity to produce 10,000 Traveler 26s per year
Force Motors is currently testing the upcoming CNG version of Traveler 26.
The Forum will also launch the Luxury Variant of Traveller 26 sometime next year with smaller seats.
There is also a mixed concept but the company will wait for the government to relax with Hybrid fuel before continuing with it.
Forced currently has 173 3S vendors and plans to take this figure to 223 in March 2013.
Traveler 26 will be supplied by 27 vendors in Maharashtra and Goa
Force Traveler has sold over 65,000 units to date
Force is the market leader for the LCV Minibus (6-20 seats) with a stake over 50%. It sells Monocoque Traveler in this category.
Enforcing actual 9 kmpl fuel claims on highways and 8 kmpl in cities in Traveler 26
Power plans to sell 1000 units by March 13 and 4500 units in the next financial year.

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Traveler 26 Engine

The Traveler 26 has a 2149cc TD-2200 4 cylinder CRDI diesel engine capable of pulling up to 129PS at 3800 rpm and high torque from 295Nm between 1600-2400 rpm. Traveler 26 is built indoors by the Force Motors R&D team.

Force Traveler 26 Variety & Price

Force Traveler 26 is available in 3 versions

26 + D Rate: Rs 10,87,000 (Road Private Service: Rs 11.55 Lac)
School Bus 37 + D: Rs 11,17,000 (Road Private Service: Rs 11.79 Lac)
26 + D Deluxe: Rs 13,78,000 (Private Road Service: Rs 14.81 Lac)
We have more and more exciting information from Force Motors which we will be unveiling soon, so stay tuned.

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