Full Detailed Guide about Sandhan Valley

sandhan valley


Sandhan valley also goes by another name i.e. “the shadow valley. The name “valley of shadows” is due to deep ravines that are not flooded by light. This valley is breathtaking and also hardy and rugged. The beautiful scenery makes it an ideal location for hiking. The magnificent valley is situated in the Sahyadri Mountains. The trek is among the toughest treks that certainly gives you a sense of achievement after the end of the journey.

The best location for this beautiful valley is Bhandardara close to Igatpuri. In addition to hiking, the people can take part in other activities such as climbing, camping, and rappelling. climbing. The popularity of this valley is due to its area and unexplored areas.

Suitable Time For Trek

It is possible to go on an adventure anytime during the all year. It is recommended not to go there during the summer months since it is extremely warm and sweaty. Visitors can go to the area during the winter season in autumn and monsoons.

How To Reach Sandhan Valley

To get to this valley, people need to travel to Samrad village. In order to reach there, we must go to travel to Kasara and Igatpuri. The people can also hire a auto-driving vehicle and drive it towards the village.

From Mumbai to the valley is around 200 km and we’ll arrive there in 5 hours.

There is also the bus out of Mumbai or Pune to Igatpuri. Ghoti is where buses are accessible that will transport the passengers to Bhandardara from where you can get an open jeep that will take you up to Samrad village.

If someone wishes to travel via train, they could take a train going from Mumbai to Kasara via the Kasara rapid train. From Kasara then use a jeep for Samrad village, or use a direct train to Igatpuri and then a jeep from there.

About The Trek

The trek starts at Samrad town for the first couple of hours. It is necessary to traverse shallow water bodies , which are between 2 and 4 feet deep. So do not forget to wear appropriate shoes. In the end, we’ll encounter an Tarzan swing point from which we need to climb and climb an incline ladder to get down.

When we reach the bottom We’ll need to explore cave crawling and then climbing among the rock formations. There are also some of the deep pools that we need to traverse. From there, we’ll arrive at the area of large rocks that is a stunning camping area. From this point, you will be able to observe The Bann Pinnacle and the Ajooba hill. The night is a great time to relax in the open air with bonfires, stargazing and music, dancing and delicious food, as well as the more importantly, unlimited conversations with their friends.

Then, we have to continue to descend down the gentle slopes and then walk through the riverbed until Dehne village. From here, we could catch trains that take us to Asangaon station.


A self-drive vehicle starting from Mumbai to Bhandardara Return trips costs about Rs. 5000 to 8000.

Train tickets’ cost will be in the region of Rs. 1000.

The cost of sharing a jeep is around 50 cents per head.

The cost of bus tickets to Mumbai is around Rs. 600 to 800.

To camp overnight in your own tent, then there is no cost, however should you wish to stay in a homestay in Samrad village, it would cost you between the amount of Rs. 500-800 per night. There are also cheap hotels in Bhandardara and rates range from beginning at Rs. 1000 and up.

The cost of food will range from the range of Rs. 200-600, however it depends on whether or not we have the food we have in our dry containers.

The trek operators typically cost between Rs. 1600 to 2000.

Tips for safety

  • The trail is very challenging and should be recommended to those who are first-timers that they do not attempt the trail without the assistance of a trekking operator.
  • Beware of this route especially if you suffer from any type of illness and suffer from serious medical issues such as high blood pressure or heart issues.
  • Take snacks, energy drinks, windbreakers, and repellents for mosquitoes on your trek.
  • You must carry plenty of to drink water that is sourced from Sandhan village, as the water on the trail isn’t extremely pure and safe to drink.


This is the details on the amazing Sandhan valley. Everyone must visit this beautiful valley to hike and camp here.

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