Gaps in Women Entrepreneur’s Prospects

women entrepreneurs Dubai

In the COVID-19 pandemic, many female entrepreneurs managed to get through the professional challenges that the whole world faced. A “Global Entrepreneurship Mentor” (GEM) report addressed the successful women entrepreneurs Dubai who have adjusted their business despite family issues and the impacts of pandemics.

There is another side of the story where some businesswomen who have previously achieved women entrepreneur awards shut their companies due to the impacts of COVID-19 and losses. There were about 20% of women who have closed their businesses due to the adverse effects of the pandemic. Women as compared to men cannot hold such circumstances. It is important to discuss the challenges and gaps that women are facing worldwide that may be due to any possible reason.

Lack of networking opportunities

In this modern era, females are working significantly along with other businessmen. Females seem to be more committed and passionate about their work. Still, there are some barriers that hinder their growth including a lack of social networking.

Women mostly miss those opportunities where business society meets and there is the transfer of useful ideas and new marketing and business strategy discussions. Females miss these chances due to family responsibilities.

Lack of allowance for women

There was a global report on the female allowances that businesswomen gain. On average there is 1$ Million less funding for females as compared to men in business development and establishment.

There is a desired need to keep the women entrepreneurs Dubai alive in the business world as they are the future of nation-building and can create more professionals from their houses.

Mind gap of women

According to the global report, probably women are less aware of each and every aspect of entrepreneurship as compared to men. “Global Entrepreneurship mentor” mentioned that there is no other biggest opportunity for females as entrepreneurship, but there are only 49% of women who have exact knowledge about the term.

Women consider themselves less acceptable for a business establishment, they found themselves ineligible for investing in a business and they do not even try to connect with other entrepreneurs.

Playing multiple roles in society

Females are working in different fields and still need to manage their houses and family. There comes many challenges in the life of a female because she is a mother, wife, daughter, and sister, where she is trying to keep everything in balance. They live on a spinning plate with the thoughts to do all of it in a precise manner.


There are many women working silently in their houses to run small businesses or as women entrepreneurs Dubai. If we can do something to make them feel safe and valued in the business world they will come up as a role model for young girls. Instead of seeing them bearing the obstacles, we have to put our effort into making their ways smoother and encourage them by giving women entrepreneur awards. As a nation or an individual, it is our sole responsibility to create better living standards and opportunities for females to make their lives a better place.

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