Getting a CCIE in 2022 | Understanding the process towards getting a Cisco CCIE

The CCIE exam is composed of 70 multiple choice questions and the duration of the exam is 120 minutes. Applicants need to acquire 65% for finishing the test. This test is accessible in Japanese and English language. For breezing through the test competitors need to take help from the review guide. It is planned by the master staff and most of the competitors can get the greatest advantage of this review guide. Learn about the details about it online. The address is available. It is planned being referred to answer module for setting up the test.

Exam Topics

  1. Explain Reporting and Business Intelligence for Procurement
  2. Explain Reporting and Business Intelligence for Procurement
  3. Configure of OTBI , RTF Templates for PO, PR, Dashboard metrics, graphs in purchasing work area and Sourcing
  4. Configure Sourcing
  5. Explain Sourcing configuration objectives
  6. Use Negotiation styles, Templates
  7. Create cost factors, Attribute list, Negotiation lookups and negotiation list
  8. Register Supplier Portal
  9. Explain objectives, Portal Setup and maintenance
  10. Define Portal Registration, Supplier Provisioning, Default Roles
  11. Configure Self Service Procurement
  12. Explain Self Service Procurement overview
  13. Manage Profile Options, Catalog categories, Content Maps, Configure Requisitioning Business Function
  14. Create Public Shopping List, Smart Forms, Catalog-Category Hierarchy, Templates and Punch Out
  15. Configure Requisition Approvals
  16. Configure Purchasing
  17. Define Purchase Document Configuration, Document Styles
  18. Define Business Unit Function configuration, Configure Procurement Business Unit, Document types, Change Order template
  19. Define Receiving Parameters for Purchasing
  20. Create Line type, Change Orders and Assign Procurement agents

6.       Configure Common Procurement

7.       Configure Common Applications for Procurement

8.       Use Fusion Functional Set Up Manager

9.       Explain Procurement Application overview


About CCIE

Cisco CCIE has very high demand in the industry. The certification is highly wonderful for the job industry. But the significance of security is not be able to ignore, in fact without the practical application theories and laws, our ways of living can never be exist. Instead of having IT security, we would have to work with manual ways. In spite of all these above reasons students have very less interest IT security, and they always go for help. The best way of learning Cisco is to get the online help. It isrelated to it. If we do comparison of student understanding of Cisco concept with and without online help, we will find online learner more efficient and active in their study performances. The students use the study guide able to gain the understanding extraordinary. They main features of the study material are as under.

Online learning options

Online learning provides the certain incentives to its learners; it gives the strong perception to the students in completion of home tasks and assignments as well.

It avoids producing wrong impact of the subject on the student, as presenting the hard concepts in a very lighter way for the better understanding. This type of learning always works at the objective to convert complex issue into simple form for the convenience of the online learner.

A strong relationship between tutor and learner must be formed to make the environment fresh and lighter. You need to browse this site for more information.

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