Guidelines for Real Estate investment in Turkey

Real Estate investment in Turkey

Be aware of scams and the most important points when Real Estate investment in Turkey. Many facilities for foreign investment and entry into the Turkish market by Turkish President. Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the announcement of the Turkish government. Many Arab and foreign investors have found good opportunities to move towards Real Estate investment in Turkey. Uncertainty in oil and fuel prices, especially in

This has had a major impact on global economic investment. Securing real estate investment ideas as much as possible during this period.

Real Estate investment in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest countries in Europe. This is a great opportunity for Real Estate investment in Turkey for a variety of reasons. More than other countries, including Turkey’s political and social stability

Turkey is also a shining destination for Islamic countries. Which have long achieve economic stability and sign many treaties. And agreements with the success of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policies and relations with the country.

This is an additional map of major economic project. That Turkey has implement and is preparing to be complete by 2023. All of which show the high price of land near these projects. As a result, real estate prices will naturally rise over the next few years. But now is a great opportunity to buy or build under the weakening Turkish lira against the US dollar. This shows that prices are low compare to other European countries such as France, Spain and Italy.

Opportunities for Turkish Citizenship

Real Estate investment in Turkey paves the way for Turkish citizenship. This is the most important condition for buying a house in the country. All of this gives many investors the opportunity to experience real estate investing. It certainly guarantees your interests.

But many people are afraid that they will be victims of looting. There is no doubt that each region has many disadvantages. Most importantly, it sells illusions and plays with the weaknesses of investors with the temptation to profit.

To prevent successful buying and Real Estate investment in Turkey. We have brought you a set of important points and points that you should pay attention. To when buying a property to ensure a peaceful process and not to be nake.

Important points for those who want to Real Estate investment in Turkey to prevent fraud

Take a closer look at the jobs of manage and monetize real estate companies. It gives you an idea of ​​what the new company and its reputation will be like. You can also follow all the previous projects and constructions of the company and access them naturally and on land.

Beware of deceptive appearances

Many fraudulent and vulgar companies rely heavily on deceiving their customers to show off. Show off their wealth and buy luxury apartments, record their reputation and ask. Real money without guarantee

Take a look at the real estate area on the ground. Look at the examples of houses you have bought and know all the requirements of nature. So that you are not deceive and surprise.

Far from being sweet words, many companies rely on fraudulent methods. To persuade investors with indicators to reduce profits and quick profits. Near the entire system and verify profits. 

We review the records of your company, the Department of Commerce for assets. And the security of all company documents, and track all company licenses. That prove they cannot be legally process. In other words, buying is the illusion of a building that has not yet been built. A building permit has not been issue. And it is a house that belongs to the model and is not in operation.

Before you buy, make sure the property you are buying is old, new, not mortgage or previously book. This is so that you do not have to pay fines in the future and have the necessary problems.

The sales contract must be sign by an experience lawyer in the field and the sale. All payments must be made by the bank to guarantee the rights of the investor and the real estate company.

Increase investment opportunities in the country’s real estate in favor of the Turkish government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He stress the direct treatment of Arab and foreign investors with the president. To ensure all elements of security and trust between the two sides. 

Enter the field without worries

In addition to not raising interest rates by the Turkish government. This will give you more opportunities to invest in the real estate market. It should be note that choosing the right strategic area will definitely come back to you. There is also a third airport and several highways that facilitate business. Including the new Istanbul Canal, as the state is about to launch a major project.

This shows that Turkey’s land and wealth will skyrocket in the near future. This requires that you carefully and carefully choose the real estate company. You are dealing with when buying property in Turkey.

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