How Are Home Electrical Maintenance Activities Useful

Emergency Electrician Dubai
Emergency Electrician Dubai

Electrical Maintenance Principles

Electrical Maintenance

Optimum Management – ​​both of electricity consumption and of all the infrastructures associated with it – is essential for the proper functioning of any industry. This type of management must occur regardless of the sector to which a company belongs. Emergency Electrician Dubai.

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In the following article, we will give a brief overview of electrical maintenance as a discipline. We will also talk about the preventive electrical tests that carries out in most organizations, and what are some of the most important functions to perform during this type of maintenance.

What is Electrical Maintenance?

Electrical maintenance covers one of the basic aspects for the operation of a company: the good condition of the electrical systems that are part of a mechanical asset, as well as the electrical networks that make up the civil works (offices, factories, etc.) of an organization.

While businesses with large-scale operations often employ in-house electricians, it may be more feasible for SMBs to hire licensed professionals for scheduled electrical service and maintenance.

Mining Maintenance Plan: Step by Step to Carry It Out

In all electrical maintenance, the aim is to detect and repair faults capable of causing breakdowns. Thus, accidents that would negatively influence the economy and image of the company prevents.

Electrical maintenance should always perform in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and industry standards. In this way, the risks of delay in the operation of the devices or their degradation due to malpractice reduces.

Electrical Maintenance Activities Emergency Electrician Dubai

The most important electrical maintenance activities include the planning, programming, execution, supervision, and control of the electrical systems in a company. All this gives by activities such as:

  • Design of preventive and scheduled maintenance programs in the facilities.
  • Advice for the purchase of new equipment, spare parts, and tools.
  • Revision and repair of equipment that require it.
  • Modification, reinstallation, or removal of defective equipment.
  • Periodic maintenance of safety equipment and other protection systems.
  • Accounting and inventory of equipment and tools necessary for maintenance.

Why Does Your Company Need a Spare Parts Inventory?

Importance of Electrical Maintenance

The importance of electrical maintenance lies mainly in the fact that electrical systems must be subject to periodic control to avoid accidents and production stoppages. Emergency Electrician Dubai.

In addition, the purpose is to avoid endangering company personnel or the production line. When overcurrent protection devices are properly inspected and tested, for example, and adjustments makes as necessary, equipment damage and potential arc-flash hazards greatly reduces.

Finally, it shown that companies that carry out periodic electrical maintenance plans end up saving more than 40% of their budget.

These same companies manage to save more than 30% in energy, since electrical maintenance processes help prolong the useful life of facilities and resources, extending their operation.


Today, there is a growing need for data collection in ​​maintenance management. This is because electrical maintenance, like other modalities, is vital for industries.

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