How Are Reddit Comments Deleted?

Reddit is an online community where millions of people gather to discuss various subjects. It has strict moderation policies and some communities may even get into fights on its site.

Some users desire their comments deleted for various reasons – be it to maintain good karma or because they simply do not approve of what was written. Some even utilize scripts which delete their posts and comments automatically.


Reddit is a social news website with millions of users worldwide, featuring community forums called subreddits that allow users to post links, images, and text posts and vote them up or down based on popularity. These communities focus on particular interests or topics from sports teams to movies to politics; some even provide up-to-the minute news and trends updates; however some more controversial communities on Reddit focus on explicit or hateful content that has caused much contention and discussion on its pages.

Reddit provides many forums known as “subreddits,” each one with its own theme and discussion topic. While most rules are left up to moderators’ discretion, moderators will typically monitor subreddits to ensure it remains on topic and free from hostility while also removing posts that violate its terms of service – any violations can lead to ban or closure of that subreddit.


Reddit mods utilize several strategies for deleting comments. Sometimes whole threads will be deleted, and other times when an author’s karma reaches certain thresholds (in order to protect authors against trolls), while direct replies can also be deleted in order to keep their karma count low.

Reddit employs a rolling versioning system which ensures that deleted comments don’t disappear entirely; users and mods alike have access to restore any deleted posts they themselves deleted, as well as reverse any deletions they make by marking them deleted in the database.

People often resort to scripts to delete their entire comment history, though it’s important to understand how these work before using one. Reddit admins, however, can restore deleted posts without your knowledge – searching by user name, subreddit or post link will allow them to quickly locate information that has been deleted from a post.


Reddit users often become confused over how and why comments get deleted from Reddit, with threads or even individual posts removed, sometimes without explanation. Mods cannot permanently delete posts or comments from Reddit – only hide them – so it’s possible for an individual to overwrite their own posts with protest strings or disclaimers before leaving Reddit in order to protect their privacy – an increasingly popular practice during API protests but longstanding among Reddit users alike.

Reddit uses a rolling versioning database system for posts and comments, making editing or sending in DMCA takedown notices easier; they simply update their version number. A Reddit admin is often able to easily uncheck a boolean in the row of your database to make your post or comment appear again for monetization purposes.


Reddit is a vast network of communities created, managed, and maintained by its users. It serves as a place to share, discuss, and support diverse interests in an open and welcoming environment; its policies aim to foster trust and ensure safety among members; however, some redditors violate them by posting inappropriate material or using offensive language.

Redditors often delete comments or posts for various reasons, including to maintain positive karma. Furthermore, they may remove their post after receiving a negative score or violating community guidelines.

Reddit posts or comments deleted are archived and made unavailable, meaning they still exist on Reddit but cannot be accessed by other users. While it is possible to view deleted Reddit content through third-party archiving websites, this process can be time-consuming and sometimes lead to an error 404 message.

Reddit users have expressed increasing confusion over an unusual string of numbers appearing in deleted comments, which read 2131953663 – this number being the same length as any phone number from Los Angeles area code.

Why is this number showing up on deleted comments?

Reddit users have reported being confused by deleted comments being replaced with an enigmatic series of numbers after deletion, leading to many theories on why this might be occurring – some believe it could be related to site’s code while others suspect mobile glitches as possible explanations.

Contrary to what many believe, non-diamond moderators cannot view deleted comments. Even if someone deletes their own comment, a screenshot will remain within the Wayback Machine.

Attempts at reading deleted comments using computer and the Wayback Machine should give an indication of when they were originally posted.

Is it a mobile glitch?

Some users mistake the presence of these numbers as an error on a cell phone network, while others believe they might represent a legitimate cell phone number that may indicate geographical location information. Some recommend anyone receiving such messages should first verify it on another platform or device before taking any further actions; other theories speculate on their appearance being caused by coding errors during attempted updates.

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