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How Can You Make a Living from Video Game Live Streaming?

If you like gaming and wish to become a pro streamer, you need to gather important information to improve your streaming. It would have been a joke a few years ago if someone talked about streaming a video game. Nobody would have imagined that gamers would be able to live stream the video games and make a living out of the same.

Today the idea is not an imagination or joke; it is very much the reality. Video game streaming has become a way of living for many people. Today we will have a look at a complete guide about game streaming and game streaming platforms. We will also talk about the basic streaming setup and how it can be improved to make the streaming more professional. We will also talk about the best streaming platform for gaming, along with tips on growing your audience and making money.

Why Is Game Live Streaming Popular?

  • Communication

There is no doubt that game live streaming is extremely popular. It is a simple concept and very easy to access. The audience is always looking for emotions and communications. If you look at the most popular streamers, you can witness their energy and how talkative they are. It is when they communicate with their audience that the audience will be able to feel connected. Since decades people have always enjoyed watching games and competitions.

  • Sense of community

Yet another factor that has helped game streaming gain immense popularity is the sense of community. Gamers feel the need to be a part of the community. Game live streaming offers the same in people’s living rooms. Around 48% of the gamers like to watch live streams as compared to playing the games themselves.

  • Viewers can learn and become better

Most of the popular streamers are professionals in their games; viewers can learn something new by watching their games and improving their games as well. Viewers can not only learn by watching their gameplay but also by asking questions related to the game during the live session. In fact, live interaction is considered a key component for the successful streamer.

Basic Requirements for Game Streaming

Now one of the pertinent questions for beginners is how to start live streaming. You don’t need to participate in a gaming master race or have top-quality live streams. Though it is true that powerful machines can contribute to high stream quality, there are other low-budget options as well. You can also live stream with consoles and smartphones too.

Along with a strong PC, you need a good quality webcam and microphone also. It is to be known that audio quality is underestimated many times. You should not make this mistake. You should not ignore the fact that many viewers just listen to the live streams than watching them.

You would then need a third-party app for transferring your data to the streaming platform. Some apps enable you to stream chatting sessions with viewers from the browser. It is common to forget about the lots of tabs and windows when you wish to break from streaming games.

One of the most important prerequisites is a stable internet connection. It is as important as other components, if not more. It is better to have an Ethernet connection instead of wireless. Another factor that is important is the upload speed. It determines how much information can be streamed each second. You must have an upload speed of at least 5 Mbps to enjoy a great live stream of decent quality.

You might also want to invest in the lighting and other special effects such as custom overlays and a green screen. These investments reflect your level of commitment and help in attracting more viewers.

How to Become a Successful Game Streamer

When you have the right streaming setup, half of your job is done! Now it is time to have a look at the other half. Let’s get into the core of the business and see some helpful recommendations on how to become a pro at live game streaming.

  • The first step is choosing a game for streaming. The game you choose should fit two simple criteria- it should be trending, and it should bring you joy. Choosing a game that is not trending will not help in garnering the eyeballs that you want.
  • Another tip to follow is to be consistent with your game. Stick to a regular schedule and try to stream your game at the scheduled time. This will not only reflect the commitment but also creates a sense of reliability towards the potential subscribers. If you are not able to stream a new game due to unavoidable circumstances, you can use restream events. The tool enables you to broadcast the pre-recorded videos on several streaming platforms when the viewers are waiting for you to come live.
  • You should not forget that the ability to interact with viewers is one of the biggest advantages of live game streaming. It happens many times that the priority of gamers shifts from game to interacting with the viewers and keeping them engaged. However, it is equally important to keep the conversation going but never force things. Your focus should be on the game first. Keep the conversation as natural and simple as possible.
  • Brand the live stream like a pro. Choose from the hundreds of gaming templates to make your live stream unique and eye catchy. The templates are customizable so you can make them attractive as per your preference.
  • It is an important tip for gamers that most people ignore. You should also watch your behaviour while gaming and never violate the rules. Hate speech, toxic behaviour, racism, sexism, and cheating should be kept away from your live streaming. These things can get you into trouble and come in the way of establishing yourself as a successful game streamer.
  • Appreciate your subscribers and express your sense of gratitude towards them, especially the ones that subscribe and follow you. The success and money will come because of the viewers. Make sure you appreciate their support. You don’t need to mention names; just thank all your subscribers so that they feel valued.
  • As a part of engaging the viewers, you can run polls, giveaways, and contests. Giveaway and contests have become a popular way of connecting with the audience and winning their loyalty. These additional incentives will not only attract new subscribers but also help in retaining the existing ones. Some popular giveaway ideas include gift cards, coupons, free game keys, in-game currency, customization features, and more.

Over time, a lot of game streaming platforms has come into the picture. It can be a subjective choice based on the features you are looking for. If you are looking for the best streaming platform for gaming, you can ask for recommendations from other gamers and look for the popularity as well as the reason behind the popularity of the platform.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help in improving your live streaming and gaining more followers, which will gradually increase your earnings.

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