How Dentists Know That you’re Smoking

How Dentists Know That you’re Smoking

Unhealthy habits such as tobacco smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, and eating too many sugary foods can have serious negative effects on your oral health. When you are visiting a dentist for a checkup or for treatment, the dentist can discover any unhealthy habit that you are engaged in through examining your teeth.

Most of those who smoke disguise their habit when they are visiting the dentist by chewing gum, applying mouthwash, or something else. But the truth is that even without sharing information with your dentist; an experienced oral care professional will still be able to tell that you smoke. A lot of practicing dentists can actually tell about your overall health by looking inside your mouth.

A visit twice a year to your dentist provides a perfect time where you can discuss lots of things with your dentist. You will be able to discuss any changes that may have occurred in your oral health and also in your overall health. Your dentist will be able to examine your teeth and this could prompt the detection of unhealthy habits through teeth examination.

The things that your oral care expert already knows about you.

1. They know that you bite nails

Your dentist will look at your teeth and tell you whether you bite your nails or not. But how do they do this? It’s said that those who bite have more cracks on their teeth surfaces and also have more chips than those who don’t. The front teeth of a nail biter may appear to be worn out, flattened, or shortened. These are side effects that point to nail-biting, but if left unchecked could result in other problems. Cracks and chips are the perfect breeding places for bacteria and these imperfections on the surface of your teeth could also lead to broken teeth. In some instances, you may develop hypersensitivity because of those cracks and chips.

2. You floss only when you have a dental appointment

An experienced dentist will know that you flossed only before you attended your appointment with the dentist. The oral care experts have a way of looking at your gums and telling what has been happening around your gums. You may have flossed properly and removed all the dirt, but signs that you have not been flossing will be available. For those who seldom floss, their gums will be red and puffy, and there is a high possibility that they will bleed during a dental visit. Healthy gums that are often flossed will look natural and will not bleed.

How do dentists know that you smoke?

Smoking leaves your teeth discolored and even when you try to brush and floss, there will always be some discolorations that won’t leave. Also, the gums and other parts that form your oral ecosystem will be discolored and this will inform the dentist that you are a smoker. Read more

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