How Is Organic Honey Good For Your Health?

Organic Honey Good For Health

Honey is a natural wonder. And health-conscious people around the world are turning to Canadian organic honey. It is harvested in many different locations, including hilly areas. This famous honey is one of the best-selling varieties and is only harvested in the beautiful and fascinating landscapes of the country. Honey harvested from the rainy valley slopes is excellent as a digestive and antioxidant medicine thanks to the many medicinal herbs present in the valley.

Let’s take a look at the different types of honey and which ones to choose.

Commercial honey

Commercial honey is pasteurized. Even though the word “pasteurized” is not on the package, isn’t it clear that all commercial products are treated? Instead, the word “pure” appears in the description. However, the reality is far from it, because there are no production standards defining the “purity” indicated on the label. In addition, this type of commercial honey may contain fillers such as corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

During production and processing, all pollen, propolis, and honeycomb added at harvest are removed. To achieve final purity, it is heated and filtered to a smooth texture. The honey is produced in such a way that it must be frozen in a refrigerator in order to crystallize. For this purpose, it is heated at a high temperature to kill all bacterial enzymes. This variety is not optimal, but it is better than refined sugar. If raw honey or organic honey is not available, commercial store-bought honey is a better choice.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is harvested and distributed by trusted local beekeepers. It is an excellent source of immunity against seasonal allergies. You can easily judge the quality of the honey by visiting the hive. It is usually 100% pure and free of impurities and comes in three forms: raw honey, raw honey, and honey from your own hives.

  • Fully raw honey – it crystallizes and becomes crisp when purchased. It may contain residues such as pollen and wax residues.
  • Raw unfiltered (or strained) – it crystallizes more quickly than other varieties. Simply filter it to rid the honey of large lumps such as comb.
  • Filtered raw honey – slightly heated and filtered. It is totally pure, without pollen or other bits of pollen. It does not have all the other health benefits of fully raw honey, but it is considered better than pasteurized honey. Raw honey is claimed to be unprocessed, but there are no strict legal requirements for labeling honey as “raw.” Although it is unprocessed, it is lightly heated and sold in containers to slow down the granulation and make it easier to filter in a short time. This makes it difficult to determine the proportion of real honey in 100% pure honey.

Organic honey

Organic honey is the variety with the best taste, aroma, and health benefits. And organic honey producers follow standards set by regional organic producer associations for foraging centers, nectar sources, beekeeping, collection, transportation, and packaging materials. In order for honey to be considered organic, beekeepers must meet the following growing standards.

  • The farms within a radius of about 5 km of the bee farm are cultivated according to organic methods. This means that these farms are cultivated only in a natural way and with natural fertilizers.
  • No additives (e.g. sugar, sweeteners, non-conforming honey) are added.
  • The hives are mainly located in remote areas, far from pollution and heavy traffic, and are grown in a safe environment, without the use of pesticides.
  • In times of famine, only organic additives such as honey, sugar and fruit concentrates need to be fed. Such growing methods require rigorous methods and regular sampling to ensure that they are still organic.

Also, organic honey is a healthy choice and tastes better than other varieties.

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