How To Crack JEE Main 2022 Without Coaching?

“How to Crack JEE Main Without Coaching?” is a frequently asked question among engineering students preparing for the exam. There is no definitive solution because each student’s approach differs. While some candidates feel that enrolling in coaching schools will ensure 100% success, others believe that with persistent focus and hard effort, JEE Main can be passed without the need for coaching sessions. Surprisingly, some of the previous years’ JEE Main toppers believe that tutoring may not be required to pass an exam like JEE Main.

1. Begin early: If you want to pass JEE Main without coaching, you must begin studying for the exam as soon as possible. This entails starting planning at least two years in advance. While some students begin preparing for JEE Main as early as 9th grade, others pass the exam after only one year of study. You are your own best judge, and you know how much time it will take you to pass JEE Main without coaching.

 2. JEE Main Timetable and Study Plan: Create your own study plan and timeline for JEE Main and stick to it religiously. An effective study plan combined with the appropriate amount of hard work can take you a long way. When you are studying on your own and trying to pass JEE Main without tutoring, using this strategy will help you stay on track. Aside from that, you will be able to track and assess your progress on a daily basis. Please remember to set a realistic goal that you can easily fulfill in the beginning.

3. Knowledge of the JEE Main Syllabus and Exam Pattern: When studying for JEE Main without coaching, it is vital to have complete knowledge and comprehension of the JEE Main syllabus and exam format. Make sure you finish the curriculum at least two months before the exam so you have plenty of time for review. Because there is negative marking in JEE Main, it is critical to becoming familiar with both components of the exam.

4. Refer to the Best JEE Main Books: Books are essential if you wish to qualify for JEE Main with a high mark. And, because you will be preparing for the exam without any coaching, selecting the appropriate choice of books is critical. Speak to seniors and applicants who have previously passed JEE Main about the finest JEE exam books. Choose books that have a fair mix of theory, solved examples, and questions. NCERTs are also necessary for JEE Main preparation.

5. JEE Main Mock Exams and Previous Year Question Papers: Taking practice examinations and solving previous year question papers is essential for improving your performance and cracking JEE Main without coaching. JEE previous years paper and JEE Main sample tests will both provide you with an idea of the types of questions you can expect in the exam. Aside from that, they will assist you in improving your time management abilities and boosting your confidence.

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Summing up

Following these steps, we hope you achieve your desired results, all the best !!

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