How to Download the Metatrader 4 Platform and Start Trading?

For Australian traders on the forex market, Metatrader 4 is a must-have tool. Numerous brokers use MetaTrader 4 to help traders execute trades quickly and conveniently. A multipurpose trading platform, MetaTrader 4 is used for trading and trading technical analysis. The MT4 platform is the best place for novice traders to begin trading as it provides a convenient ground to practise before entering the real market. Additionally, it is convenient and provides all the necessary tools at the tip of their fingers. Now, one might have decided to trade, but where can they find and how do you download MT4? All the information on MT4 download is given below.

Describe MetaTrader 4.

Small-scale foreign exchange transactions frequently use the electronic trading platform known as Metatrader 4 or MT4. Russian software business MetaQuotes Software Corp. created MT4. More than 500 banks and brokers utilise it worldwide.

The MT4 trading platform, introduced in 2005, has become a hit among Forex traders because of its user-friendly functions and support for automated trading. It enables users to create trade robots and code tables, commonly known as automated indicators. Today, MetaTrader 4 is a well-known name for the majority of online investors and traders, whether they deal in forex or CFDs. Downloading MT4 is simple and convenient. 

Accessing MT4 Platform on the Devices.

The pc or desktop version of the MT4 app is designed for a system, and the mobile version is designed for use on a smartphone or tablet. The browser version is made for trading electronically without installing any software. Use in bulk at once. Here are the simple steps to download the Metatrader 4 platform. Downloading MT4 is cost-free. Anyone can readily download the platform, even a newcomer to the market. One should not register to carry that out. Brokers generally provide a free access terminal where one can create a demo account and practice strategies. To download the demo account, they must create a live IG account and go to the MT4 create demo account page. The IG dashboard must select ‘add an account on the bottom right and an MT4 CFD account. Following the instructions, they would be able to access it.


The download process for the MT4 platform varies slightly depending on the OS of the system. On a Windows PC, they must create a trading account with their preferred provider and download the .exe file. They would then get the IG to set up an icon on their window which they must click on and select ‘run.’ Follow the instructions from the pop-up wizard to finish the installation process.



The PC is the ideal platform for using MT4. It uses the.NET framework, which Mac users cannot use. The MetaTrader 4 website offers third-party software that can be used to launch the MT4 platform on a Mac, or you can use a virtual private server (VPS).

One should thoroughly research their selected approach before moving further and installing MT4 on a Mac. It is due to the possibility that the procedure could be unstable and harm your computer. Please keep in mind that unofficial websites that claim to demonstrate how to install MT4 on a Mac can be hosting viruses.

iOS and Android.

MT4 download is also easily accessible on mobile devices like iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch, tablets and smartphones. The devices must be iOS 4.0 or Android 2.1 or later. Users can find the Metatrader 4 app on their app store or play store. They can click ‘install’ or ‘get’ to download the app and sign in with their IG account to begin trading.

Over 54% of Australian retail traders use Metatrader 4, and IC Markets forms one of the largest Australian forex brokers for such traders.

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