How To Get More Prospects Through Content Marketing

When we talk about current Digital Marketing, everything is based on the content that you offer to your audience. Surely you have heard of ” quality content. ” You will ask yourself, what does my target consider quality content? To find out, you must know your prospects because what may seem interesting to you may not be to them.

In marketing in general, everything revolves around the customer and his needs, not what you think he needs. Because it is very important to know how to listen to them and maintain a dialogue with your prospects, this will enable you to get closer to the best version of your brand. Likewise, there are platforms such as Google Trends, Google’s Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Semrush, among others, that can send you information on what people are interested in.

You should know that content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional digital marketing. Generate 3x more leads. This time we will help you take advantage of content marketing to obtain more leads that can become future customers loyal to your proposals.

What is content marketing?

It is based on creating and distributing for free NON-advertising content that adds value to the user. If you manage to capture that audience, you will get them to be interested in the topics you develop and end up buying your products or services. Through this strategy, the client does not feel overwhelmed by invasive advertising but instead finds topics of interest in your content and reaches your brand voluntarily.

The main objective of a good content marketing strategy is to get your reader to go one step further and subscribe to your newsletter. In this way, they become your prospect, and you can send them personalized messages with promotions, discounts, and even more valuable content so that they make a purchase.

Content marketing is just one of the strategies that make up the pillars of Inbound Marketing, and among its benefits, we can mention:

  • Confidence: offering valuable content completely free makes the user understand that the product or service you are selling is of equal or higher quality.
  • Projection: planning your content gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have material to publish in the long term, saving you time and the worry of improvising topics at the last minute.
  • SEO positioning: Google rewards websites that offer relevant content. In exchange for this, it will give you a better position in the ranking of results.
  • Loyalty: a study carried out in 2018 on 2,190 marketing professionals suggests that 77% of those surveyed consider that content marketing improves the level of engagement with the public.

Why is it important to generate leads in digital marketing?

To understand how we can get more prospects through content marketing, it is necessary to know the concept of a lead. This is a person who is part of your company’s market segment.

Unlike a simple visitor, a qualified lead shows more interest in what you sell. They provide you with their personal data on your website to receive something in return. Once you achieve it, it becomes a potential client.

Through content marketing, we can increase the conversion rate of visitors to potential customers or leads. When a visitor comes across a website with quality content, this generates greater trust in the user who perceives the brand as an expert in its industry.

To carry out an excellent content marketing strategy, keep in mind the following aspects:

1. Content formats that the client values in digital marketing

In content marketing, it matters what we say and how we do it. So consider how you can organize your content to make it engaging, easy to process, and useful to your visitors. Some formats that are used in content marketing are:

Blogs: Many web pages focus their content on articles where they solve common doubts and present solutions to problems related to the industry. They also share news, case studies, reviews, or useful opinions. In this way, when users perform a search on a topic in Google, the search engine will show the results that it considers most relevant to the user.

News bulletin or newsletters: if you get your client to subscribe to your newsletter, you will have a more direct communication channel to send them offers and personalized content.

Multimedia content: Internet users value direct, visual, and brief information due to the immediacy that characterizes their searches. Although creating a video or infographic usually takes more work and involves investing additional resources, it will differentiate you from your competition since it will be 100% original content that represents your brand.

Live seminars: Why not speak face to face with your clients and show them what you can contribute in your area? You can do webinars ( Webinars ) about the launch of one of your products, or about questions and answers and even some topic of interest or debate related to your market.

2. What is considered relevant content in digital marketing?

To know and develop those topics that most interest your users, you must delve into your target customer. Carry out surveys or identify their main doubts and concerns related to the industry in which your product or service is developed. This will give you plenty of material to create material of interest. Complement the above with the analytics platforms mentioned above.

In digital marketing, we talk about sending personalized offers, but how do you reach that level of relationship with your customers? Although it is true that before starting any marketing strategy, we define the demographic characteristics of our target, it is necessary to know their tastes and preferences.

Through the customer management tools, you will be able to organize all the data of your customers and group them according to their characteristics, tastes, and purchasing patterns. Additionally, with a mobile CRM, you can do it anywhere and anytime from your Smartphone.

3. Have a dialogue with your prospects

Content marketing requires constant evaluation. You will be able to know if the content you share is connecting with your audience. You will achieve this through measurements such as the level of interaction with your social networks, time spent on your website, number of weekly open newsletters, comments, criticism, and suggestions. All this information, whether positive or negative, will help you perfect your digital marketing strategy.

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