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Blogging can be your full time source of income. There are people who are pursuing careers and many who are not writers or journalists. They are housewives, students, and passionate hobbyists. They come from different backgrounds and they write blogs on various topics.

When it comes to online blogging topics, the sky is the limit.

If you’ve been given some serious career thinking for blogging, then here are some useful tips for you:

1) Blog about something you are passionate about. A career has a long-term timeline. This is not to make extra cash or change to pay bills. When you’re passionate about your topic, it’s a lot easier to come up with lots of unique, original, and fresh content. It’s an essential ingredient if you’re on the long haul.

2) Select an area to focus on. Think of your passion as a big tree with many branches. Ideally, you don’t want to write about trees, but what you do want to do is write about tree branches. For example, if cooking is your passion, you might want to focus on something more specific like Indian cuisine, and that topic could be even more detailed.

3) Choose a profitable area. This is a continuation from above. When you choose a topic, do enough research to make sure it has good commercial value, such as books being written on the subject, people advertising on pay-per-click, and so on. The point is people are willing to pay or have already bought it.

4) Have a career plan. If you’re really serious, you’ll want to make a plan from start to finish that you want. Set activities and deadlines to achieve them, and follow through. Record your progress and make adjustments if necessary.

5) Seek help. It’s easy to find people who actually make a career out of  indian tech blog. By identifying them, you can gain insight into how they do it and then create your own plan of action.

6) Take your time. This is a journey and not a destination. You don’t want to be like someone who blogs; You want to earn from it. Just like any career, you will go through a career development process. My recommendation is to enjoy while you do it.

Golf Blogs Crucify Phil Mickelson

If you’ve been hiding in a mud hut in Namibia with Angelina and Shiloh for the past month, Phil Mickelson came down the 72nd hole in Winged Foot last Sunday, slipped on a banana peel, fell sideways into the pool and drowned. He only needed par 18 to win the US Open. Only. The hole is a par 4 450 yards to the wind where the average score on the hole among the leaders on Sunday is 5.8. The charge against Phil is that he should have left his new longest Driver ever ridden and left with 4 logs.


He had hit 2 fairways that day. Who said he couldn’t hit a third? Johnny Miller really crucified him for this decision and Phil Himself crucified himself as the biggest idiot since Roberto DeVicenzo signed his scorecard wrong in Augusta to his own detriment of the tournament. Phil over cut his driver into the hospitality tent roof and the ball was kicked back within bounds to rough. Phil doesn’t have a scythe and gets stuck in a big pickle  indian tech blog. Earlier in the round he tried to hit the wood 4 from 140 yards and hit. Maybe he felt that those 4 woods were enough to make him miss the shot that day.

Had Phil Mickelson hit one good drive at 18 then today and for the next month every golf blogger on earth will be cheering him wildly for the next month as he heads to Liverpool for the Tiger Slam and then the real slams. Phil Mickelson is The Modern Bobby Jones aka The Man who brought unheard of excitement to golf for the first time since Arnold Palmer went for the first green in Cherry Hills, or somewhere, I wasn’t there, I wasn’t alive, I wasn’t .

Who said Phil didn’t do it on purpose? The crucifixion did not damage the popularity of Jesus. Jesus did not have to go to the Temple in Jerusalem and tell all the Priests to climb up, and threaten the puppet reign of Governor Pontius Pilate. He could have stayed silent, or moved to Egypt, or India. He could have taken Paul’s advice and let it go.

Would Michelle Pfieffer leave Don Johnson and put Kevin Costner to bed if she put 18 in the Tin Cup?

I am you and you are me and we are all together, We are walruses, coo coo coo choo. Speaking of Semolina Pilcher, Golf is like life only on a bigger scale. People from every country hang out like gold on golf courses and in Olympics and World Cups but in real life Geoff Ogilvie caddy Kim Jong Il is strapping a suicide bomber and running into the hospitality tent. The Golf blogger screams that because he smiles on the course, Phil Mickelson is a nasty megalomaniac. Phil Mickelson smiled to trick his body from total fear into relaxation because Bob Rotella told him it worked and this trick came one hole from giving him his third major in a row.

Looking back is a wonderful thing. If we listened to global warming scientists like Stephen Hawking instead of the Exxon executives who run the White House, Congress, and the United States Supreme Court, then we wouldn’t all be now facing an extinction-level event – the melting of the Arctic Siberian Alaska Permafrost that would soon release carbon from twigs and bones. in the Permafrost into the atmosphere releasing 1000 times the amount of carbon dioxide already there and turning the Arctic into Phoenix in the summer. The Arctic and Antarctic ice will soon melt completely and one of the earth’s oceans will rise 50 feet and Denver will become a premier beachfront property. You would think from reading golf blogs that Phil Mickelson caused 911, the war in Iraq, global warming AND betrayed Jesus Christ.

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