How To Pay Your Bills Online In Pakistan 2022 (Complete Guide)

How To Pay Your Bills Online

Online Bill Payment

In this age of modernization, Pakistan has grown into a place that encourages easy activities without the hassle of travel. If you want to pay your bills online, this article is for you.

Option # 1: JazzCash

This requires you to have a JazzCash Mobile Account. Paying Debts With JazzCash Mobile Account is simple and easy! All you have to do is follow these simple steps to pay off your Debts. You can pay off all your Utility bills such as electricity, gas, telephone or water bills with a JazzCash mobile account.

Note: There is also an option to pay your bills with any JazzCash agent.

Having said that, what is the process? Simply put:

Dial * 786 #
Select ‘Pay Off Debts’
Select ‘Bill Type’
Select Company
Enter the Consumer Reference Number for your Bill
Update activity with all MPIN to confirm

Note: Initial Bill 3 payments via JazzCash are free every month, after which you will be charged an additional Rs. 20 per bill. Keep one thing in mind though; Utility Bill Payment is greater than Rs. 50,000 will not be paid with any JazzCash Mobile Account.

Here is a list of all Partner Companies that allow JazzCash Mobile Account Debt:

Option # 2: Telenor Easypaisa

This is a very simple app, so you will not have problems with paying your bills.

First, download the EasyPaisa app. Set up an account by following the steps, then move on to the bill payment option.

The app gives you the option to select favorites, or multiple options for the services you have to pay for.

For quick steps, enter your buyer’s reference number, press Get a Bill, and pay. That’s the way to pay your bills online with EasyPaisa!

How To Pay Your Debts Online | E-Banking | Options

Standard Chartered Bill Payment

Standard Chartered is not a big ‘All-Rounder’ helper for day-to-day operations – like most mobile phone companies on the market – but there are a few benefits you can take. You can go to Online Banking, go to the ‘Bill Payments’ option and select ‘Pay Debt’ for the following companies:

Electricity: KESC
Mobile (Postpaid / Prepaid): Phone, Telenor, Warid

Call 111-002-002 for more information!

HBL Mobile App | Online payments

You can use the HBL Mobile Application to pay service bills with a number of payment options. The new HBL Internet Gateway allows customers to buy products online – and if you use a credit card – there is a mobile payment option option on your phone.

Currently, the HBL Mobile app allows payment of electricity utility bill, landline phone and a few other mixed payment options. Check the HBL website for more details.
Well, you already have it! Now you know how to pay off your debts with the comfort of your living room, without much hassle. If you found this article interesting, please share it among friends and leave me a comment!

It was all about how you pay your bills online. Feel free to leave a comment on your way out!

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