How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Party

How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Party

Has your partner recently said yes as you popped the question and presented them with a flashy diamond ring bought by the best jeweler, such as the Baltimore jewelers? If the answer is yes, then you two have been officially engaged, which is great news! Congratulations to you! 

With the engagement season just around the corner, it is time to get the party going. Undoubtedly, an engagement party is an excellent way to share the exciting news with your family and friends and have them unite with you to celebrate the upcoming marital union.

If you have never been to an engagement party before, there is a great chance that you might have countless questions about how you can ensure that all guests have an awesome time and that the engagement party goes as planned.

Theme & Location

You need to understand the simple fact that these two things – theme and location, go hand-in-hand. Now, starting off with the location, this will be the first decision that one needs to make for their engagement party.

So, think about what you want the vibe to be, and if you are thinking of a more laid-back or more formal dining style, this will help you decide the best space for your engagement party. Also, you will have to consider how you will want your guests to move about the party and what activities you want to happen in each space of the party.

For instance, you might want to rent an entire upscale restaurant as it will allow you to rent out different spaces for different activities. However, your top priority should be to ensure that the guests are able to mix and mingle the entire time.

But, you will still want to have that elegant event without making your guests and the space feel stuffy. You will want your guests to be able to communicate with everyone.

Even if you want to keep a simple theme, such as a color scheme such as black, gold, and white, you might also want to opt for an open bar so that everyone is able to easily talk to everyone while having that laid-back vibe.

Later, you can shift into the formal dining room, have an elegant sit-down dinner, and move out to the front patio for fun games. Depending on the types of activities, you will want to select a suitable location to suit your needs.

While choosing the location, you will want to ensure that the staff is super helpful and attentive as this will release so much of the stress of the engagement party. Also, while choosing your venue, you must think about its practicality.

Activities & Décor

You might want to start off with a custom welcome sign. Décor is very important for all parties, including your engagement party. This is specifically true if you have rented a bog space with different sections – the welcome sign will guide your guests on from where to enter the space for the engagement.

Besides, a welcome sign makes a very cute personal touch because it makes your guests excited about the event. If you want, you can attach balloons that will add to the overall vibe of the party. You can also think about adding a photo backdrop that will excite your guests.

The photo backdrop will also serve as a decoration as it will take up loads of space and set the vibe of the party. The photo backdrop will also spark interaction, and your guests will enjoy it. This décor idea can also make a nice addition to your wedding day.

No party is complete without music, which takes us to the designing of a custom musical playlist. Preferably, you will want the music to go on throughout the entire party, so you must choose cute and fun songs.

A musical playlist will make the engagement party more special and more custom. Another idea for engagement décor is photos. You can use photos everywhere to fill the space. Besides decoration, the photos will also add a personal touch, so we recommend choosing photo frames that sync with the theme of the engagement party.

The photos don’t necessarily have to be professional – you can choose photos from the memories that you clicked on your phone. Trust us – it is nice to have some pretty pictures up at the party, and later, you can always add a video slideshow up on a screen so that your guests can watch a continuous loop of pictures and videos that you and your partner have gathered over your relationship.

Engagement Cake

There is no event without cake – that said, the cake preferences vary from one person to another; however, we recommend getting one that goes with the theme of the engagement party. If you decide to go with a simple cake, make sure that you read the reviews before sealing the deal.

Just ensure that you get a great cake that everyone is going to love. Don’t forget cute little napkins and cake toppers. Speaking of the cake, you might want to focus on the dinner table as well. That said, for an extra romantic touch, you might want to go big on candles.

You can also opt for a long tale with a gold table runner with candles everywhere and place cards on the table to ensure that both of your families are seated together. Believe us when we tell you that everyone will love seeing their names in a pretty gold foil, and tiny details like these usually work out really well.

Some Additional Things to Know

You might want to let your guests know about the upcoming event at least four weeks before the final date. The type of engagement invitations that you will choose will depend on the venue and theme of the party. Nonetheless, there is no pressure to match the invitations with the engagement stationery, so you and your partner should feel free to select the type of festive invitations you really like.

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