How To Play Genius Invokation In Genshin Impact

Follow U7Buy for Genshin top up at the best prices! Genshin Impact the action role-playing game by miHoYo offers a variety of activities. Among exploration, questing, world boss encounters, dungeons, domains, and many others we also have Genius Invokation. This is a trading cards game introduced in Version 3.3 All Senses Clear, All Existence Void. The game becomes available as soon as players finish the Archon Quest Prologue Act III. We are talking about the Song of the Dragon and Freedom quest. Players must also have adventure rank 32. Once these two conditions are met, the introductory quest Come Try Genius Invokation can be completed.

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation Types of Cards

We have two types of Genius Invokation cards: character and action. Character cards depict in-game characters. Such a card has three skills: attack, elemental abilities, and elemental bursts. Action cards are divided into three categories: equipment, event, and support. Equipment cards represent weapons, artifacts, and talents. They are all based on weapons, artifacts, and talents used in Genshin Impact. Event cards activate a one-time effect. We have elemental resonance cards that give effects if the deck has two character cards sharing the same element. Food cards give nutritional buffs. Arcane legend cards are used only one time per game. The third type of action cards are support cards. These include companion, item, and location.

How Genius Invokation Duels Work in Genshin Impact

First of all, we must have a deck of cards. A Genius Invokation deck has three characters and 30 action cards. Once the duel starts, each player draws five cards from the deck. One of the three characters must be chosen as the active character. The game is then played in rounds. A round has two phases: roll and action. In the roll phase, each player gets eight elemental dice to roll. Each die corresponds to one of the elemental attributes. You can have a maximum of 16 attributes. In the action phase, players take turns until they decide that the round is over. In the action phase, you can use skills, play cards, switch to another character, and discard a card to change the elemental type of your die. When the end phase is reached, the effects of the event cards are played. Two more cards are drawn and the next round begins. The goal is to defeat all three adversary characters.You can buy Genshin items to help you power up and win the game. If you want to enhance gameplay instantly, check more items visit U7Buy right now!

Genshin Impact Rewards From Genius Invokation

As adventurers take part in Genius Invokation games and earn XP, their player level goes up. Each level comes with rewards in the form of Primogems, lucky coins, Mondstadt, and card backs. Each level also opens up more challenges and deck options. This card game can be played against NPCs and other players. Genius Invocation has modes such as the PvP Arena of Champions and the PvE Forge Realm’s Temper. The TCG is the only form of PvP available in Genshin Impact. Although combatants get no rewards from playing against fellow adventurers, it is still nice to win games.

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