How To Transfer Balance From One Sim To Another In 2022

Transfer Balance From One Sim

For the past two decades, Pakistan’s social media platform has revolutionized mobile devices for everyone. From low-cost call rates to international call packages in many countries, our mobile networks reflect a constructive vibe of the future. As we stand on the path of hope right now, let us dig in to learn a few basic things. Here’s how to put one together for use with your new home

How To Transfer Balance From One Sim To Another

Users, when needed, can ask their friends, family etc. to share a certain amount of balance. However, it should be noted that only users of the same network will be able to use this feature. For example, Ufone users will only be able to share the rest with Ufone users.

ZONG CMPAK | YAARI Load | What | How to use

Zong YAARI load is a balance sharing service. It has made life much easier when it comes to transferring balance to a loved one, be it your sister, brother, or friends, who need a mobile phone credit. The two-way traffic transfer service, which means you can:

Transfer Balance – Transfer from one SIM to another

Ask for balance – Ask someone to send you balance on your SIM

If you want to share your Zong balance with someone else who also has a Zong SIM, please follow these steps:

Call * 828 # Zong balance balance code on your phone:
Enter the recipient’s phone number.
Enter the amount you want to send.
Now answer “1” to confirm the balance transfer.

Requesting Balance In FnF | ZONG

Zong also allows its customers to request an emergency balance from their friends and family at any time. Just follow these steps to get Zong balance from another Zong user:

Dial * 829 # on your mobile phone.
Enter the phone number of the sender you want to request a balance from.
Enter the amount you want to request.

Note: If you send a balance to someone using the Zong balance sharing service, the company charges Rs.2 + Tax on every successful transfer.

Mobilink JAZZ | For Prepaid Users ONLY | How To Transfer Balance From One Sim To Another

Jazz to Jazz balance allocation is available to all Mobilink prepaid users. With the Jazz balance balance code mentioned below in the table, users can transfer the balance at their discretion.

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