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Joinpd:  Get Peardeck Login access In 2022

As the technology is evolving day by day. So, the means of communication are also evolving with it. During the Covid-19 technology has changed the way of living in very fast pace. Everyone was stuck at their own places, schools, colleges were closed. During that time the technology came to rescue the students and teachers. Applications like google meet, zoom and pear deck contributed a lot in helping the students and professionals to continue their work and studies.

So, today we are going to talk about one of these applications named “Pear Deck”.

Without any delay let’s get started.

What is Pear Deck?

Pear deck is an educational tool that helps professionals, teachers and students to interact with each other through a virtual reality environment.

Pear deck is a VR platform created by educators, for educators. It offers a safe space for students to explore, learn and collaborate in an immersive environment.

It provides teachers with the means to create their own immersive worlds and share them with their students.

Joinpd: What’s the main purpose of Pear deck?

Joinpd is an online platform that allows the professionals and teachers to conduct online meetings and presentations for the educational purposes. Further, we can say that it’s an active software that allows the teacher to enhance their teaching skills and increase the level of understanding of students by providing them the engaging user interface.

How pear deck makes teaching effective

As a teacher it’s hard to cover all the aspects of the topic while sticking only to the text book content and teaching in a class without any internet. But pear deck solves this problem because it allows the teachers to make presentation and explore different things related to the topic. It allows you to add videos, graphs on run time to engage the students.

Moreover, it has the feature that allows the teacher to ask question in a chat and if a student submits its answer teacher can lock the student to check his understanding during the lecture.

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Key features of Joinpd: Pear deck

1. Free of Cost or Not

The first thought that might came in your mind is that whether it’s free to use or not. Some of the features offered by pear deck are free.  You can also subscribe to the premium version to use all of its features. Moreover, it offers a free service for students and teachers to join the live presentation.

2. Create, edit, and share your presentations from anywhere

With Pear Deck, you can create presentations right from your web browser or mobile device. You can also edit and share your presentations with others, making it easy to collaborate on projects.

3. Add multimedia content to your presentations

Pear Deck lets you add photos, videos, and audio files to your presentations, making them more engaging and interactive. You can also use Pear Deck to create quizzes and surveys for your audience.

4. Use Pear Deck with Google Slides

You can integrate Pear Deck with Google Slides, allowing you to easily create and manage your presentations from one platform.

How to create account for Joinpd

To create account for pear deck you need to have a google or Microsoft 360 account. By following the steps below teachers can easily create the account:

  • Open the official page of Pear Deck website.
  • Choose the option of teacher login and select the account type for logging in. Select Google or Microsoft 360.
  • Pear deck will seek permission to your google drive. Grant the permission and now few questions will be asked like postal code of area, school name etc.
  • If your school or area isn’t mentioned in the given list simply enter 5 digit code of your school.
  • Now install joinpd and start your education with new technology.

How to Create Student Login Joinpd:

If you’re student you don’t need to create an account. If you have Microsoft 360 account you can join the presentation directly by following steps:

  • Teachers shares the link of the session to the group of students after creating a room or session.
  • Students can click on the link and join the session or simply they can visit joinpd.com and input the session code for join the session.
  • Moreover, teacher can restrict the students to join the session by providing the email so that teacher can keep check that how many students have joined the session.

Final Verdict

As we all know that, world is now shifting towards the remote studies due the current situations. There are a lot of platforms that supports online sessions for both professionals and students. But the Joinpd pear deck is one of the best to have. Because of its supportive features it stands on the top of list. We hope you will find it best for your educational and professional processes.

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