Kamshet Amazing Paradise for Paragliders



Spread your wings above the endless valleys of Western Ghats. Flying in your dreams feels like a surreal experience in itself. Make your dream come true at Kamshet, in Western Ghats which is believed to be a paradise for paragliders. The adventure of flying through these soaring heights, could be the best experience of your lives that Western Ghats could give you. 


Kamshet is located in the dense tropical heavens of Sahyadris in the Western Ghats. It is located approximately 105 kms from Mumbai whereas 50 kms from Pune and just 19 kms from Lonavala. This piece of paradise is a gem for the western ghats. The tropical lush green forests, rolling green carpets spread across the valley is the best atmosphere for paragliding which Kamshet offers. While paragliding in the HImalayas offers you ecstatic views of sky high snow capped peaks, Kamshet  the fresh greenery with beautiful view of Indrayani river and endless ranges of Sahyadris.  


You can reach Kamshet via road by traveling by the Mumbai-Pune highway or from Lonavala. It is perfectly well connected by roadways. Paragliding in the Sahyadris is the best adventure right after trekking through the hill fortresses. Naturally, the flying spot is reached by a short hike or by a jeep ride.

There are various packages that allow you to touch the sky. As you must be already aware of Lonavala being a picturesque holiday destination with beautiful green mountain ranges, valleys, pristine rivers and lakes. Kamshet is no exception at all. The view beneath is perfect for a flying experience as if floating in a paradise. 


There are few things one needs to keep in mind before going to this paragliding paradise. For a paragliding experience, a person needs to tick all the boxes of requirements. The primary one is that you need to be fit and age between 12-65 years. The average weight for a tourist range allowed is anything below 90 kgs. Keep in mind, to book your paragliding slot a day before the activity. The details of the tandem and instructions will be forwarded to you the day before and also on the day of activity. There are types of flying packages that are involved in this activity. 

All of them vary according to the length of time, accompanied pilot and skills. They can be roughly categorized as;

The Joy Tandem is the most basic and popular flying package in Kamshet. The package is best suitable for beginners with no prior experience in paragliding. You will be accompanied by a trained pilot for your paraflight. The flight lasts for 8-10 mins of gliding through the beautiful Sahyadri ranges and clouds. The average price of the package is Rs. 3000. And can vary according to additional services opted. 

The Instructional Tandem is where you are your own pilot and in full control of your tandem. The trained pilots at the base will instruct you with the basic dynamics of the paragliding. Your flight is expected to last for 10-15 mins. This package costs Rs. 3950 excluding the optional services. 

Lastly, the Acro Tandem package. This is by far the most exciting package in paragliding where you can do a couple of stunts while flying with an accompanied pilot. The flight length is the longest from 15-20 mins in the sky. This is also a little pricey when compared to the other paragliding packages. The average price  of Acro Tandem starts from Rs. 4500 excluding the optional services. 

The optional services include pickup and drop from a jeep to your hotel and the flying spot. These can cost Rs. 600 extra one way. Whereas the cost for clicking pictures or taking a video during your flight costs extra Rs. 500. The flying sessions usually take place in the mornings and the afternoons. You are required to reach the flying spot at least an hour early to your appointment. 

western ghats

The weather in the western ghats can go as high as 38 degrees in the summers. Whereas the lowest of the temperatures drop to pleasant 10 degrees during the post monsoon and winters. Hence paragliding in the summers would be a draining trip for you. The favorable season for paragliding in Kamshet would be post monsoons and winters when the valleys are drenched in freshness and lush green forests and foggy white clouds. Do not miss out on this fantastic adventure when in Maharashtra. This could be a thrilling experience of flying for the first time in the abyss of western ghats. 

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