Keeping your feet healthy

Getting healthy feet is a difficult task, especially when our routine has many complications. This is why specialists recommend various treatments to keep your feet clean and healthy since it is a very delicate and essential area for mobilization.

As you know, the importance of the feet lies in their ability to move from place to place. That is to say, they give us autonomy and help us to feel free, in good shape with ourselves. That’s why in this article we want to take a closer look at tips for healthy feet At Chattanooga podiatrist we are convinced of the importance of our feet keeping them in good condition will give us greater autonomy, in the face of the usual situations of our lives. That said; follow us in this comprehensive but interesting article.

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Tips for keeping your feet healthy

According to specialists, 7 out of 10 people are affected by foot pathologies which generate major problems in their quality of life. We come to tell you the best tips exclusively for you.

1. Maintain good hygiene

By washing your feet properly, you will protect them from micro-organisms that produce fungus or bad odors. It will also prevent the appearance of other types of discomfort, such as infections in the toe area or on the sides of the foot, which occur thanks to the warm environment for fungi that poor hygiene provides.

2. Hydrate with creams

Every evening we recommend that you use foot creams. Look for a brand you like and trust. Thus, you will make the skin elastic and hydrated, which will prevent the appearance of cracks or peeling in the dermis. Also, your muscles will relax and you will be able to walk much better.

3. Trim your nails carefully

Nail care is almost always neglected, but that means the appearance of toenails, and other similar painful issues. With that in mind, remember to always cut your nails straight at the edges, not rounded, so they don’t ingrown and you can continue with your routine without complications.

4. Try not to go barefoot

If you’re at home, go barefoot as much as you want. However, when you go to the swimming pool or take a walk in the park, try not to walk barefoot, because you could catch yeast infections,

5. Choose comfortable shoes

If you want to have healthy feet it is essential to wear shoes to avoid unforeseen events. So look for shoes made from natural, breathable and flexible materials that adjust to the width and length of your feet. Also make sure they are comfortable, so you stay in good shape.

6. Wear cotton socks

Cotton socks are great for keeping your feet healthy This is because socks made of synthetic fibers do not allow them to breathe properly, which can lead to the formation of a fungal community on your toes. Be careful 7. Exercise

It is recommended to walk at least half an hour a day. We also suggest that you exercise regularly, so that your feet stretch and relax, while the joints regain their mobility. Generating movement in your feet will be decisive for your health 8. Protect them from wet areas

Whenever you go out, make sure you don’t get your feet wet. Along the way, you will sometimes find water leaks, or even rain, which can become our enemy. So take precautions and if your feet inevitably get wet, take off your shoes when you are already in a safe place.

9. Dry them very well

Whenever you get out of the shower or are in the pool, be sure to dry your feet thoroughly before putting on your shoes. Moisture, combined with sweat and particles accumulated in the shoes, will cause bad odor, cracks and even fungus. It is therefore advisable to dry them well, so as not to develop these uncomfortable symptoms.

10. Massage them once in a while

An alternative for healthy feet is massage. You can do it yourself or, on the contrary, go to an expert who will carry out the procedure for you. Now consider using specialized creams and making small circular movements, so that they are better distributed. Then relax and enjoy this personal moment.

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