Kumara Parvatha Trek: Complete Guide For You

kumara parvatha


Kumara Parvatha Trek is located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It is one of the most challenging and adventurous treks in South India and is a favorite destination of tourists. Kukke Subrahmanya temple is located on the foothills of Kumar Parvatha and is of great importance to devotees. Many people especially come for here  Kumar Parvatha is also known as Pushpagiri.

The total distance of Kumara Parvatha Trek is 6 km. It will take around 5 to 6 hours for you to complete this trek. 

Best time to do kumara Parvatha Trek

The best time to do the Kumara Parvatha trek is between September and March. It is not considered good to go for this trek in the summer season because you will experience immense heat and humidity and it will be no fun in doing a trek with that kind of climatic condition. And it is also recommended to go for this trek during monsoons as this trek is largely on mud, sand, and rocks. Hence, the trek will become slippery and will become hard to travel.

This trek is very challenging so it is not recommended for beginners. But if you are still ready to go for this trek, be very careful and carefully read all the guidelines. 

Nearby places

You have to take permission to go for this trek from the Forest Department.

The entry fee for this trek is Rs 350 per person.

There are many restaurants here. Neo Mysore Cafe and Hotel Kumarakripa are the best among the restaurants. These open early in the morning so you can have your breakfast here before starting your journey.

The best thing about this trek is that you will not need a guide to trek here as the path of this trek is very clear and straight and there is no chance of your getting lost. 

You can camp only around the Forest office. And if you have to leave for the trek, you have to leave your tent and camping equipment in that office only.   

Difficult Sections on Kumara Parvatha Trek

You will experience many difficult sections here. So, prepare yourself in advance after reading this. Some of the difficult sections in this trek are:-


You will experience several steep forests here and these are very steep. So, sometimes trekkers have to hold onto the tree for support and keep going. To, make your journey smooth, take a trekking pole with you. 

2-  Slippery trail:

If you visit this trek post-monsoon season, you will find it very slippery and hard to travel. So, it is advised to wear good and appropriate footwear while traveling. You should also check the weather forecast of this region and avoid going on this trek if heavy rain is predicted.

3-Vertical rock face after the second forest section:

Be very careful with this part of the trek and it will become more difficult in the post-monsoon season. Hold the rocks tightly with your hands in case you slip. 

4- Grassland sections:-

Here, grassland is very steep. This grassland section is the hardest part of this trek. Use trekking poles to hold onto and keep moving smoothly. 


Carry a first aid kit with you in case something happens.

Water( at least 2 liters):- Although you will get water there. But it is still advised to carry your own water bottle.

Lemon drink or glucose water for hydration and energy. These are very important while trekking. Also, this is a quite challenging trek, so you will need it.

High-calorie snacks.

If you are conscious about your skin, carry a suncream with you.

Sleeping bag in case you planned to stay there for a night.

Trekking pole


Carry dry fruits and nuts with you during the trek. There are lots of shops here from where you can get these. 

Fill your water bottle at the start of the trek. You can only get water at Bhatta’s house or the Forest office after the starting point. There is no other point where you will get water. It is not advised to take water from streams and rivers as the water there is impure and may contain lots of germs. 

You will find leeches here. To avoid that apply Dettol or savlon on your feets . You can also put some salt in your shoes. 


Biladwara Caves

Mandalpatti Peak

Kukke Shri Subrahmanya Temple

Kote Abbe Falls

That’s all about the Kumara Parvatha Trek. Take all the measures and keep in mind the above tips while trekking. 

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