Looking Ahead: The Future of Blue Cat Eye Glasses in 2023

Looking Ahead The Future of Blue Cat Eye Glasses in 2023

A new pair of glasses is the easiest way to update your look immediately. People who wear glasses often know that a stylish pair of frames can make people look at a person’s eyes. You’ll be able to see well in 2022 if you wear this year’s most popular frames. You can find the perfect pair of stylish glasses for every occasion, whether you need glasses with a prescription, protection from Blue Light, or want to update your wardrobe.

What kinds of glasses will be the most popular in 2022?

Fashionable frames for glasses never hurt your vision or make them uncomfortable. Felix Gray’s stylish and helpful eyewear is all you need to see and feel better. We’ve put together a small list of 2022’s most exciting eyewear trends to help you start the new year off right.

“Statement-making glasses” are a type of glasses that are meant to draw attention to the person who wears them. They add the finishing touch to a look. For example, the design and finish of our Alexander frame are very different from other frames.


In 2022, blue cat eye glasses will be the most popular frames once again. Geometric details on cat-eye structures draw attention to your face and show your unique personality. Cat-eye glasses, like the Lovelace frames we sell, are great for people with round faces because they make the features stand out. 

Clear glasses

The popularity of eyeglasses with clear frames has had an effect on many fashion houses all over the world. Even prescription glasses look good on everyone, no matter what skin color or shape their bones are. 

Square Retro Glasses

A style changes more like a sphere, with each new version building on the previous ones. The famous song from the 1970s is back on the list of trendy pieces for 2022. Vintage square eyewear is back in style, so be ready to make a statement. It is known for being very durable. Metallic-finished glasses

Metal eyewear is known for being strong and long-lasting, and it’s also an excellent accessory. Are you still not sure? Check out our trendy frames to see if you like them.

Geometric glasses with thick edges

Any geometry can be used to show the shape of the year 2022. Conditions with sharp angles and exciting geometries are in style, like squares with sharp corners or neatly arranged hexagons. Geometric frames with thick rims are a strong trend in eyewear. These frames look good on a wide range of face shapes. 

Round glassware

Huge, round glasses are a great way to get to know someone. This style has been around for a long time, but it’s coming back in a manner, so you can show your brave side while still looking together. In 2022, round glasses like our Franklin type will be trendy again.


Tortoiseshell frames give glasses a unique look. Every single shot has its charm, which makes this a unique look. Put away those tortoiseshell glasses that are brown and get some colored ones. Use the colors of the rainbow to let your mind wander.

Colored Lenses

The colorful pair of 2022 glasses have become popular out of the blue. Several designers have already shown their spring collections, and crystal eyewear has been a big part of many of them. As the temperature outside rises, the crystal frames’ soft colors and bright shine are the perfect matches.

Naked, shiny glasses

The following year will be all about the explicit dusty pink nude. People used to like to wear bright and clear glasses, and many still do. This year, though, you should choose warmer colors. This striking frame will give your outfit a much-needed new look.

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