Managing Anxious Thoughts When Facing Challenges: Tips For International Students

Growing is not easy as you have to make bold decisions and flex your mind to face challenges that are gateways to growth. We all love growing but not the process of growing which is full of challenges. People are not afraid of challenges, people are afraid of flexing their minds to face the challenges and shifting to a new routine. They find it hard to get out of their comfort zone and this could be one of the foremost reasons that makes the world disdain challenges. If you are an international student who feels anxious whenever a new challenge comes his way, read this article. 

The article will highlight the top steps that an international student must employ to overcome anxious thoughts whenever a new challenge comes his way. Therefore, this article is going to be a perfect source for learning incredible tips that can transform your personality positively. 

Face challenges for your growth and this must be the core reason that drives you to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, growth is impossible when you are living in a comfort zone. Thus, get out of it and shift to a new routine, learn something new knowledgeable, and relatable, and grow. 

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Manage anxious thoughts when facing challenges:

Through the following pointers, international students can manage anxious thoughts when facing challenges and live the best lifestyle by growing every day. 

Curb anxiety 

Your focus is the real reason that is elevating your anxiety level when a challenging situation is coming your way. If you are not facing the challenge right on the spot then, get some time and try to read Jap ji Sahib or positive affirmation in your mind. This will bring your focus to beautiful words and get you out of the stressful thoughts. In fact, this is a quick trick to curb anxiety levels and feel positive and relaxed. 

When anxious thoughts start to overwhelm you, sit peacefully and read Japi ji Sahib ji or a positive affirmation in your mind. Don’t focus on negative thoughts. Just focus on the lines and feel positive. 

Inner self and right decisions 

When things start to become easy, just talk with your inner self and seek strength to fight the challenge. Also, tell yourself, whether you are going through this challenge successfully or are going to learn something incredible. You have benefits on both sides and every challenge is going to teach you something. Thus, urge yourself to focus on learning rather than losing the challenge. 


When things are overwhelming you, embrace a routine that makes you practice meditation. Meditate on the name of the lord and the positive thoughts as this will surely give you peace of mind to face the challenge. 

But to practice meditation, you have to learn to sit alone with yourself. Sitting with yourself is not an easy task. Regular practice is required for this and before that, the courage to stand alone is required. Staying connected is also essential but staying connected to your inner self is also important that one can experience only when sitting alone with himself. 

Eat a healthy diet

Eating junk food results in short-term happiness and long-term disease. Thus, practice eating a healthy diet and never skip a healthy breakfast if you want to grow daily in your career. Because the right food gives you energy and activeness to work with dedication. 

A healthy thought pattern is also essential for your success in life. Know what you are thinking and what you must think in order to grow. Also, stay connected with loved ones for your mental peace and strengthen the connections. 

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These are the top ways that one can practice managing anxious thoughts during their stay as an international student. Facing challenges is a vital part of the process of growth. Face these challenges in a healthy way and grow daily. 

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