Now You Can Get Sharingan Contacts With Prescription!

Turning your attention to the world of anime, you’ll have seen plenty of Sharingan contacts, or Sharingan Contacts as we like to call them around here. These amazing contacts replicate the incredible abilities of the Sharingan eye, making it look like you have powerful eyesight even when you don’t! We’ve got all the best Sharingan Contacts for sale, including Kakashi Contacts, Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts, Eternal Madara Uchiha V2 Contacts, Eternal Madara Contacts, and more!

Sharingan contacts

For anime fans, a pair of costume contact lenses inspired by one of Naruto’s most powerful ninja clans. The Mangekyou is available for those who need to correct their vision or simply want to cosplay as Itachi Uchiha or his legendary mentor, Madara Uchiha. These contacts feature crisp black sclera with an intricate red design that covers much of your iris and pupil. A subtle cross-shaped pattern spreads out from your center point, appearing almost like blood vessels in your eyes. There is no prescription needed to purchase these contacts—just make sure you can see clearly before you try them on!

Advantages to getting contacts with prescription

Anime and cosplay fans, rejoice! The great folks at Sharingan Contact Lenses now offer high-quality contacts that you can use to complete your anime or cosplay look. And we’re even selling them with prescription, so you can rock your favorite costume character at night (or during regular days) without sacrificing vision quality. In fact, we have a wide selection of prescription Sharingan contact lenses available for sale. If you want to give yourself a more intense red eye effect, check out our Mangekyou contacts; if you want something less intense but still colored, try our Kakashi lenses; and if you just want plain black eyes like Sasuke Uchiha wears in Naruto Shippuden , take a look at our Eternal Madara contacts!

How does it work?

Eye contacts are one of those items in life that people feel a little nervous about, but they’re actually quite straightforward. If you’ve ever worn colored contacts, it will be even easier because all you have to do is pick up a pair of Sharingan contact lenses. These lenses are designed for cosplay purposes only. However, there is no reason why these contacts can’t be used for regular wear under the right circumstances.

What color Sharingan contacts should I get?

There are four colors for our Sharingan contacts: red, white, gray, and black. Knowing which color is right for you depends on your costume. If you’re dressing up as Itachi Uchiha, a gray or black pair would be appropriate; however, if you want to cosplay as Madara Uchiha (Eternal), it would be best to go with red.

You must have blue eyes to get a natural-looking Sharingan effect

Although anyone can order a Sharingan contact lens, only those with blue eyes will be able to get an effect that is not obviously fake. And unlike other anime contacts that are extremely painful to wear for more than 2 hours, our Sharingan contacts are comfortable and easy to put in and take out. The colored part of our lenses looks just like natural eye color, so you don’t have to worry about others realizing you’re wearing them.

Where can I buy them?

We have a selection of authentic Sharingan contacts available on our website, which can be found at [our website]. They are also available in many of our retail stores. In order to find a store near you, please visit [our website] and select your country.

Prices and shipping info

We’ve got contacts for under $20, so whether you want to wear them for fun or for cosplay, you won’t have to drain your wallet. A standard prescription is just an extra $5, and we offer Express shipping if you need it fast. See our selection of anime contacts with prescriptions now!

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