PDQ Machines Equipment: Meaning, Types, and Uses

PDQ Machines: Meaning, Types, and Uses

If you wish to receive card payments from your customers, the PDQ equipment machine is essential in your business. It is commonly known as the card machine.

What is the meaning of a PDQ machine?

In the PDQ Machines equipment, PDQ stands for processing data quickly. you will find In the common world, it is called the card machine. But in the UK, this term is no longer in use. 

But, some people still call it the card machine. 

The PDQ equipment machine turns out to be very helpful when you want to take card payments from your customers. With a single swipe of the Credit card or a Debit Card, the payments are easy. The machine also prints out a receipt of the payment, and the customer’s signature on this receipt validates the payment. The signature verification is by the signature at the back of the card. 

How does a PDQ equipment machine work?

The process of functioning of a PDQ equipment machine is simple because it involves a few steps as follows-

  1. The customer either pops the card in or swipes it on the PDQ equipment. After this, the machine asks you to enter the required PIN. Many PDQ equipment is contactless as you can make limited amount payments just by a tap.
  1. A message will be sent to the customer about whether to approve the payment or not. It also ensures whether the bank account contains sufficient funds.
  1. As soon as the payment request is approved, money is debited from the customer’s account and credited to the merchant’s account.
  1. These funds are now secure in the business account of the merchant.

What are the benefits of using PDQ equipment?

Here, are a few reasons why business owners should have a PDQ machine-

  1. The word is becoming cashless and more digital. You want to expand your business, and get more people then the PDQ equipment becomes important for you. Because it is a safe and secure method people prefer to make payments with the card.
  1. If you want the payments to be even quicker and cashless then the tap the card system is best for you.
  1. PDQ equipment gives you more options to receive payments that are from credit cards and debit cards.
  1. It is a secure way to meet payments both hygienically and technologically. Cashless payments reduce the chances of transmission of infections. And it is secure enough as the transaction information is maintained with the banks. 
  1. You don’t have to rely on cash for all your services.
  1. No need to deposit the cash in the bank.

What are the different types of PDQ machines equipment ?

There are 5 main types of PDQ equipment machines-

Desktop PDQ Machines 

The texture PDQ equipment helps to make the card transactions at a fixed location. It is because the chip and the pin of the transaction are fixed at a certain place. The retail environment is mostly face-to-face. The legion of these machines is quite easy and they also have a sleek ergonomic design.

Internet connection is required for these devices.

Portable PDQ equipment.

These portable PDQ machines also work on a secure chip and PIN. Such machines are useful for restaurant businesses where the customers can make the payments on their respective tables. Portable PDQ equipment is better than desktop PDQ equipment because multiple portable machines can be connected to a single hub. With a single hub and multiple machines, you can take a variety of cashless payments. The desktop equipment and portable equipment also required a phone line and a steady Internet connection.

Mobile PDQ equipment 

With the help of GPRS technology, the mobile PDQ machine can be used almost at any place. Mobile phone signal is essential for this machine to work and here as well the transactions are secure due to the availability of chip and PIN. Such PDQ equipment is good for delivery businesses, trade, and other businesses that require payment on the road. 

With the flexibility it provides, it charges extra money to send and receive the data from GPRS. 

Virtual PDQ equipment 

The virtual PDQ machines are formed with the help of computers and Internet connections to make the payment gateway secure. Best for businesses where the payments are made on the telephone.

Contactless PDQ equipment

The most advanced type of card machine is the one that accepts complete contactless payments. You can simply hold your card in front of the card reader and make the payment. Due to this instant method of payment, the annual turnover of the business has increased tens of folds. This method is now available in the UK market, but soon it would capture global businesses as well.

The major use of the PDQ equipment is for a variety of businesses. It replaces the time-consuming process of payment. Though expensive but worth investing in.

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