Picuki: Get Real Instagram Editor And Viewer (Complete Guide)


These days everyone wants to be a social media sensation and most of the people are using different kind of applications that helps you to be a social media influencer by increasing the number of views and likes on your profile. But today we are not discussing about these applications. Today, we brought a new platform for that helps you to go through the social platform in detail and post accordingly to reach the maximum audience.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platform. Although it provides a lot of features but there are still some limitation too. Like you can’t explore the story viewer or can’t view the profile picture in full size or download it. But no need to be worried about we are here to help you out. There are a lot of online platforms that will help you but we will discuss about one of the best platform.

The platform is named as “picuki”. Picuki is a platform that allows you to search Instagram profiles, tags and location all over the world. In other words we can say that picuki is Instagram editor and viewer.

Most of the social media user’s don’t know about this kind of platform. So, without wasting even a second let’s get started to know about picuki. What is picuki? How it works? What are the services picuki offers? Is it safe to use picuki?

A bird’s eye view of Picuki

Picuki is a web viewer for Instagram that lets you upload, edit and share your photos. It works same as Instagram but has some extra features that Instagram doesn’t offers. One of the best feature is that picuki allows you to browse without logging in.

Picuki is an Instagram editor and viewer that provides a simple way to edit photos and upload them on Instagram without the need for any other third-party apps. A Picuki also gives you the option to upload your pictures on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and more.

Picuki is a top-rated photo tool used by millions of people on Instagram. With its latest updates, picuki is now even better at helping people edit and view photos quickly and easily. Moreover, now you can also edit the profile and search the tags and location without leaving any kind of information behind.

How to use Picuki

 As we already have mentioned that picuki is web viewer for Instagram.

Picuki can be used by following the simple steps mentioned below:

Go to the home page of picuki https://www.picuki.com/

Enter what you want to search whether it’s a profile, tag or location.

Make it sure that you have entered the correct username such as “@muhammadzubairniaxi”.

Press enter and you will get all the profiles related to this name.

Features offered by Picuki

Download Profile picture

If you are viewing someone’s profile picture on Instagram you can’t view picture in a full size. But picuki not only allows you to view the profile picture in full size, you can also download it in its original size and quality.

Just click on the plus icon that can be seen on picture. You will be able to see the full size picture and download it in its original size.

View stories anonymously

            On Instagram if you are viewing someone’s story he/she will be notified that you viewed his/her story. But in picuki the case is totally different. You can view the stories anonymously without being noticed by that person.

Simply go to option view stories anonymously on the homepage of picuki. The search bar will appear input the user name of the profile or use the tags to find the profile of that person and watch what he/she is posting on daily basis without letting him/her know.

Edit Pictures

    Although while posting pictures on Instagram it gives you the options to apply certain filters. In picuki you can not only apply filters but can also use some advance setting for editing the pictures. You can change the background, adjust saturations and much more.

Search on Instagram

Picuki allows to search the profile by entering the username or you can use the tags to find the profile or the trending things on Instagram.

You have to enter the thing you want to search it can be profile, trending or any location.

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Alternative of Picuki

Although picuki is available all the time for its users but there might be a scenario that you need picuki and its not working for that time you need to have some kind of backup for yourself so here are some applications that can be used as alternative smihub.com.co  it offers all functionalities same as picuki.

Is it safe to use Picuki?

Picuki does not store any of your data or content on its servers. It saves everything locally on your phone and only uses third-party services like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to post on their behalf. This means that all of your data is secure and never shared with anyone else – not even Picuki!

How to remove content from Picuki

As per the picuki policy it is stated that all the content is owned by Instagram. So if you want that your info should not be visible on picuki you should make your Instagram account private.

Final Verdict

As we have discussed that picuki is the web viewer for Instagram. If you want to check on someone’s profile without logging into Instagram account picuki is the best platform for you. It helps to view anything on Instagram anonymously. So go for it if you want to check different profiles without being noticed by someone.

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