Putting the Fun in Fundraising: 4 Great Event Ideas

Putting the Fun in Fundraising 4 Great Event Ideas

Fundraising is an integral part of nonprofits, or other entities looking to raise funds for a specific goal.

Outright asking people for money can feel uncomfortable, but there are ways to do it that are effective and don’t make the donor feel any sense of unpleasantness.

Outside of reaching out to individual donors, you might want to consider putting on an event to invite donors to, which can actually net more money in the long run.

Charity Gala

Galas are great because they bring with them an air of importance and fun, and the format of a gala can be flexible and provide more than a singular opportunity for donating.

This night of glitz and glamor will include a formal dinner and some form of entertainment, like live bands for hire.

You can charge a fee for tickets to raise money, hold silent or live auctions, or sell raffle tickets for prizes. This is all done in a formal setting and venue, which makes the event feel high end and increases its value.

Galas are great for securing large donations, particularly from big businesses and organizations.

Golf Tournament

Next to the gala, this is one of the most popular ways to raise funds. A golf tournament invites donors to pay a preset amount to engage in the game with a team of friends.

The experience can be a leisurely one, an afternoon in the sun with friends – for those who are not competitive. Since all tournaments offer a grand prize for the winning team, it also imparts a sense of competition among those involved and can get quite spirited.

This is another way to get large donations from corporations and organizations. Not only will they buy in as teams, but many are likely to also offer money in exchange for being a sponsor with logos and company promotion throughout the event.

Fun Run

Themed races are another physically engaging way to get people involved with non-profits.

You can pull in big donations in the way of sponsors, who also help cut the costs of putting the run on. You can also offer tiers of donation: one fee can cover entry into the race, another can cover entry and different levels of swag like backpacks, water bottles, and t-shirts.

You can also ask participants to do the fundraising for you! People can sign up as individuals or teams and work to get monetary pledges from friends and family to support the cause.


Cook-offs are fun for those who are doing the cooking, and those who are doing the tasting.

Engage community members by asking them to produce a dish or two that fits within a predetermined culinary theme for the event. Charge a small entrance fee for guests, which will include the opportunity to taste each dish and vote on whose is best.

Offer a great prize to keep it competitive.

You can also pad the event with other food and entertainment vendors to up your entry ticket prices, and also ask if vendors are willing to give some of their profit for the day to your cause. Also read

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