How to Reset Zong 4G WiFi Device In 2022

Reset Zong Device

Zong offers a wide range of users of 4G WiFi device. Sometimes 4G customers experience problems while using the device. One of the biggest problems is slow motion or a forgotten username and password for WiFi.

In order to access the device interface the portal user needs to enter both the username and password. Similarly, Connecting a device with various 4G supported devices such as a mobile phone or laptop via WiFi requires entering a password.

So If you did not remember the password for the Zong 4G device then here you will find a complete guide on how to reset the Zong device to get the default settings.

You can use this method on any other mobile broadband devices such as Telenor, Ufone, and Jazz / Warid. All devices from other companies are almost identical but the visual software has changed.

Many new customers have concerns about how to change the Zong device password or how to reset the device. They may not be able to find a solution to this problem, but today this article will help you.

How To Factory Reset Zong Device using Interface In 2022

While making another device, one question comes to mind. Why do we need to rest Zong 3G / 4G MBB device? The simple answer is if you forget the Wi-Fi interface or password. In both cases, we need to reset the device and get the default username and password.

By using the interface, we can easily relax your device in two different ways. Both methods are almost identical but differ in functionality. Let’s talk about one of them.


The first one says Restart which will not change login or wifi details etc. But it will relax your device, and this function is fine if you have problems with slow internet or are unable to access the internet at all.

Okay, First you need to log in to the interface using a default username (admin / admin) and password.

After login, you have to follow the steps below.

First Go to Settings >> Restart
Now you have to press the Start Button
It will take some time to reset the device.

Restore Defaults

One way is to restore the default to allow it all to relax. It will clear SMS, data usage details, username / password, and everything.

By using this function, your device will be updated and look like a brand new device.

After logging in to the administrator interface, you should do the following.

First Go to Settings >> Restore Defaults
Now you have to press the reset button
It will take some time to reset the device.

How to Hard Rest Zong MBB Device In 2022

Hard reset is only needed when forgetting wifi login details with admin. Sometimes, we reset the device if we have a problem with internet speed.

You can also reset your device if you are experiencing low speed. All right, let’s see how we can do that.

First, you need to open the cover of the device. See the image below, and you’ll see that you have to push the device to cover the opposite side of the device’s USB port.
Make sure your device is still connected to your laptop or adapter.
Next, you can see the small break button. You can use any small PIN and press this button to turn off all lights on the device.
Since the device is all lights OFF, you must leave the PIN. It will take time to relax.
That’s all. The device has been reset and you can now continue to use it again. All login details with wifi are also relaxed.
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