Review Of  Huawei Matebook d 15: A Fantastic Laptop

Review Of  Huawei Matebook d 15 A Fantastic Laptop

Customer review paly an important part to make any product fly high success full or faded away. Huawei company always admires customers’ reviews and needs, so it provides free service of reviews for their customers.

There is a wast range of Huawei notebooks and tablets but today we are going to take the customer’s review of the Huawei matebook D 15. And if you want to know about the features and other criteria of Huawei  matebook d 15 visit the given website.

In this article, we are going to take an overview of customers thinking about the Huawei matebook d 15 and we will let you know about all the demands and reviews of customers so let’s check in.

Excellent Things In Huawei Matebook 15

  • It is one of the most wallet-friendly laptops because it gives value to your money
  • It had an all-metal chassis for perfect appearance
  • It is remarkably powerful.

Reviews About Design And Features

The most important and most appreciated thing in the design is that its body is all made up of metal and there is no use of plastic in it. It has the 15.6 inches large screen which is the most demanding thing by customers. Not only the screen but the weight is also very appreciated.

The other appearance includes the USB ports and chasing port that is maximum in number for easy attachments but there is no SD card slot for memory enhancement. The feature Huawei share make it more comfortable for sharing purposes. The easy sharing feature is also very prominent in Huawei so customers also give a positive response to this.

Review About Performance

Now let’s talk about the performance of Huawei matebook d 15 and the point of customers related to its performance. With the best processor, it is a good choice for a moderate level of work. According to its reasonable price, it is fully matchable with processing. 

The storage space and memory are also reliable. With the 8GB RAM, you can have plenty of speed and capacity every day. With the respect to video encoding and multitasking, this is a great laptop to choose.

Reviews About Verdict

This smart device gives value to your money through its very cheap price and high-level performance.  Its body design and functioning are best according to its price range. So according to the customer’s review, it is recommended to all of those who want a medium-level yet best laptop.

Things That Need To Be Added.

Although this is the best laptop by Huawei some point that is must be added to this smart device to enhance its fame is:

  • Battery life could be more batter 
  • The color accuracy could be created more  accuraty


In this article, we discuss all the significant roles of customer reviews related to any product and we also discuss the reviews of Huawei matebook d 15. Customers liking d disliking about this smart device and the things that need to be added to it. So the overall reviews of this smart laptop were positive and it had a hit in the industry of laptops.

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