Safetradebinaryoptions: Content Review 

If you ever needed a professional team to help you navigate through the rocky but highly-rewarding financial markets, there is an educational website that grants you access to free information on how to invest and generate amazing returns. That website is called

Browsing through the blog posts, you’ll be able to learn so much about new and exciting cryptocurrency projects, the basics of forex trading, and how to avoid the many mistakes most newbies make in binary options trading (mistakes that I myself have made in the past). If I would have had access to this material earlier in my financial upbringing, my investment portfolio would be in a much better place right now, but it’s never too late to learn!

The best part about this site is that it offers this content for free. I didn’t have to pay a dime in order to be illumined by this amount of knowledge. Safetradebinaryoptions is truly a blessing for both beginners and veterans alike.

What is

Before we elaborate on what makes this website shine with respect to others of its kind, it’s important that we know what it is exactly and who are the people behind it.

This site is a joint effort by two financial market analysts and one economist/crypto investor. Together, they’ve built an incredible and easy-to-digest log with chunks of content aimed at beginners in the trading world. They also have an extensive financial background and an excellent resume.

Pejman Zwin is a mentor and financial advisor for various individuals and organizations. He is also a renowned analyst over at TradingView and has been in the cryptocurrency market very early on. 

Saqib Iqbal is another great mentor who’s been known for offering excellent analysis over at ForexCrunch and EconomyWatch, with a history of making amazing trade calls at 5%ers

Irina Saburova is an economist and cryptocurrency investor, with over 1,500 articles written on the subjects of finance and investments.

You’ll be able to find out more about them in their About Us section, which contains links to their social media and social network profiles. In this section, they cite Warren Buffett as their greatest inspiration. 

For those who don’t know, Buffett has had a long career in investing and has amassed a great bulk of his fortune thanks to his incredibly effective strategies. He also shared his vast knowledge about the market with millions of people worldwide, who have benefitted tremendously from his enlightening tips. This is the main purpose of, that is, to help others succeed, just as Warren did. 

What Makes Safetradebinaryoptions Such a Great Site?

The best “selling point” (for lack of a better term) of this site is its accessibility. Not many websites can offer free guidance on such a broad range of complex and hard-to-navigate topics in such a streamlined and beginner-friendly manner. 

Most of the information contained in major trading platforms is catered towards professionals and is prone to be filled with technicalities that the “average Joe” is not even probably interested in learning about. To have a resource-filled blog that can walk you through the most basic terminology is a very welcomed advantage nowadays!

What Topics Does Safetradebinaryoptions Cover?

We won’t be making an extensive explanation of each of the main topics that the website covers, but, in summary, these are:

Binary Options

The team at Safetradebinaryoptions is centered on delivering copious amounts of information regarding this relatively novel trading practice. They will guide you through the basics of binary options trading, as well as recommend some of the best and most reliable brokers for this purpose.


Blockchain took the world by storm during the last decade and has evolved exponentially in the past 5 years with the development of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. Safetradebinaryoptions has made cryptocurrencies one of their main focuses, considering their current increase in mainstream adoption by individuals and companies alike.


Forex (also known as Foreign Exchange) is the market for trading international currencies, and it’s a very old and longstanding market in its own right. Safetradebinaryoptions dedicates a good portion of its attention to this traditional market, especially for people who are just trying or wishing to make an entry.

More Than Just Education 

Apart from the excellent tutorials and insights, the Safetradebinaryoptions team also places at your disposal a plethora of tools (also for free), such as a profitability calculator, a free currency-to-crypto converter (with options to calculate crypto-to-crypto or currency-to-currency as well), a live binary options chart, and a bundle of educational videos available at their YouTube channel. They also publish market predictions on their blog.

To Conclude 

So far, we have found Safetradebinaryoptions to be one of the best resources for amateur investors. It’s not only packed with in-depth data and manuals about how the markets work, but they make this information palatable to people who are just getting started, a trait hardly found in any other content provider. 

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