The Advantages of Surface Mounted LED Outdoor Displays

smd screen

In light of the fact that outdoor LED smd screen media has largely replaced traditional display media, the following information will provide you with information on how to create outdoor LED display media that meets the needs of people who want to view advertisements outside smd screen.

One of the most notable features is the high-intensity SMD3535+ three-in-one light-emitting diode, which has a maximum brightness of 6000cd/sqm and a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees. It is completely suited for use in an outdoor setting. In addition to having a wide viewing angle and consistently superb colour reproduction, the three-in-one SMD light provides consumers with a visual experience that far exceeds that of the ordinary outdoor DIP full colour display.

smd screen
smd screen

It is easy to deform and build simply and flatly because the box made of lightweight aluminium alloy material, and the design of the cabinet construction is difficult to deform or assemble simply and flatly because of the appearance. Appropriate for use in rental companies, automotive screens, and mobile advertising. In order to reduce stress on the LED smd screen steel frame, a column or a wall should be install.

Increase user efficiency: The rental cabinet structure is a critical component of our company’s structural design, and it is intend to increase the efficiency of users.

Long life: From the mask to the cabinet, from the use of lights to the PCB board and components in all aspects of material selection, the working life of the LED screen has been significantly increased over the past few years.

In addition, it is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors since it can adapt to a range of situations and allow consumers to be more selective; it eliminates a big challenge for leasehold companies in terms of selecting indoor and outdoor LED displays. A automobile, a ship-borne screen, mobile media, and a small area of outdoor screen broadcasting are all viable places to advertise with this method as well.

In the presence of sunlight, rain, and ultraviolet radiation. The glue packed inside the module of a conventional outdoor screen will progressively deteriorate. And the properties of the glue will fracture and fall out. Resulting in the loss of the protective layer on the circuit board and LED. After a prolonged period of thermal expansion and contraction. The waterproofing effect lost, and the glue seeps into the screen through. The gap, corroding the PCB board and shortening the life and stability of the complete screen assembly.

The development of outdoor SMD LED displays is on the rise

Outside of the home, LED displays are becoming increasingly popular in outdoor advertising. Prompting advertising media companies. At all levels to invest in the development of LED display billboards for outdoor advertising. A large number of small and medium-sized cities have installed large outdoor full colour LED displays . That serve not only as a carrier for video advertising. But also as an external platform for government organisations. To transmit government information and municipal movies. The installation of a full-color display has received considerable government support. Since it has the potential to disseminate information. Beautify the city’s image, and improve the city’s grade all at the same time.

Fully color LED displays are becoming increasingly popular, especially among Chinese consumers. The LED display panel can found in a variety of settings. Including large and medium-sized cities, counties, villages, corporations. And other organizations, among other places. It is not difficult to obtain full-color LED display panels nowadays. And the LED display application sector is stronger than ever before. It is unquestionably true that outdoor SMD LED displays will eventually replace. Outdoor smd screens as a medium of display in the future.

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